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How many times have you gone on a trip and have come back exhausted? You had set sail on a vacation to relax and unwind. However, after you are back from your holiday, all that you want is a few days off from work and from travel, just to relax because the vacation has made you feel tired.

Slow Travels
You have lugged bags from one city to another, have taken flights at god forsaken hours and packed and unpacked in a new hotel rooms every alternate day. You thought that if you would run from one place to another, you would see all that a country has to offer. So, did hopping from one place to another let you ‘live’ in the true sense? Did you make friends with a local and have a cup of coffee with a stranger, trying to understand what they think about your land and what you think about theirs? Did you sample fresh produce at the farmer’s market and shop like the locals? Maybe not… because you were busy running trying to put a tick against every monument listed in the city.

If you really want to experience a place, avec it’s people and culture, slow travel is the way to go. After all, what makes up a place is its people! Slow travel is gradually catching up as people are looking at travel as a means for personal growth and true relaxation. If you haven’t ever tried slow travel, here are five things to tune your mind to the idea…

Travel Tips

1. You will never be able to do and see everything in a destination. Stop trying to clutter everything into your itinerary.

2. Introspect and understand what you like and then prioritise. If someone likes a museum does not mean that you will like it too; maybe, you prefer a picnic in the woods to a museum. It’s your vacation; do what you want to do!


Travel Guide

3. Learn to communicate and do an activity that lets you interact with the locals. You may want to join a cookery class or a pottery class; any group experience will open doors to cultural exchanges if your mind is open for the same.

4. Don’t make travel planning a task… enjoy the process. If you don’t like it, use help from friends or professionals. If you don’t want to do that, land up in a new place with a few extra days, talk to the hotel staff and plan you itinerary with local help.
5. Remember why you are on a vacation; you are there to relax! If things are getting stressful even on vacation, it’s time to put your feet up, sit by the pool and sip a drink!

Here are three practical tips to help you travel well:
1. For a slow vacation: Make a city your home and do day trips from there. It’s always nice to have a place to come back to.
2. For a deeper experience: Stay with locals using a bed and breakfast option instead of hotels.
3. For long term travel: If you want to still reduce your travel pace, you might want to take a sabbatical from work or take up a job that allows you to work remotely.

Bon voyage … hoping to see a refreshed you when you are back from your vacation!

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