Why a Sister is the Best Travel Companion

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She’s your best friend and partner in crime! If you’re lucky to have one, sisters also happen to make the best travel companions. Here are some reasons why…

She’s Got Your Back

Traveling means exploring new places and going out of your comfort zone. Personal safety is very high on the list when you’re out and about away from home. Like they say, there’s strength in numbers and two is better than one. A sister will always be on the lookout for potential dangers and uncomfortable situations and will make sure that no harm comes to you.

She Keeps You On Track

If you tend to get ahead of yourself, your sister will always bring you back on track. Be it spending crazily on a shopping spree or partying from dusk to dawn, she’ll rein you in and set you right. A sister will let you have your fun but will also keep a watchful eye on you so you don’t get out of hand.

She Knows What You Like…and What You Don’t!

She knows what you’re thinking, she knows what you like. A sister is a mind reader, among other stellar traits that she may possess. The best thing is given that you’re two different personalities; you two can balance each other out as well. She knows how far to push your limits and knowing each other’s likes and dislikes inside out can likely diffuse disagreements before they even start.

She Can Read Your Moods

Whether you just need some space or are hangry (hungry + Angry), a sister knows your moods. It’s like she has a built-in sixth sense and can anticipate what’s coming! She knows what to say and do in every situation especially if you’re feeling down and out. She has a repository of jokes and stories that will make you smile instantly.

She Will Share Her Stuff

From toothpaste to t-shirts, a sister has no choice but to share her stuff with you. This means that you can plan your packing in a way that you don’t need to duplicate common items. What a great space and weight saver! This means more room in your suitcase to shop till you drop while on holiday.

She Makes Everything Fun!

A sister will make everything on a holiday more fun. Your bond as siblings will definitely strengthen by sharing the same experiences together. You’ll have stories to share forever and memories that will last you a lifetime. How fun is that!

Author: Devika Khosla

With the inability to sit still, she’s always going ‘somewhere’. Foodie, spa junkie, animal lover and traveler. That’s Devika’s story.

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