A week in the Lofoten Islands- Shinjan Sarangi

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The Lofoten Islands are Norway’s hidden jewels; jutting out of the mainland like a winged beast. Winters tend to be freezing cold and extremely windy, making it almost inhospitable to visit. The best time to enjoy the island’s gorgeous landscape is between April–September. Characterized by amazing views of the vast ocean, a landscape made up of hills and green pastures and a long highway that hops from one small island to another.


A visit to Moskenes, Leknes, Svolvaer, Harstad and Andenes are highly recommended. The ideal way to travel is to drive through the incredible meandering highway, which will also cost a lot of money. Taking a bus is a more economical option, yet comfortable and allows you to enjoy the scenery just as much.

Experience a date with Whales and Dolphins during your stay in Andenes. The sea is a bit rough, but a sighting is guaranteed. An amazing spot for seeing Sperm Whales, Killer Whales and Dolphins. The islands are isolated from the mainland and tend to quiet down during the evenings.

Finding a restaurant to have dinner post 9 pm can be a challenge in any part of the island.

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