Unusual things to do in Bali

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Though Bali is a tourist mecca, the real authentic beauty of the place lies in the hidden gems that abound here. Apart from the diverse culture and other offbeat activities on offer, these unusual quirky things to do in Bali will leave you panting for more.

1) Ayung river rafting

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This unforgettable white water rafting experience on the Ayung river, is a great way to see the beautiful scenery of the Ayung river valley, near the town of Ubud. The adrenaline filled trip takes you past hidden waterfalls and unmatched natural surroundings, as you splash your way along the fast moving river. This two and a half hour of rafting action is undertaken with the help of experienced guides, adopting strict international safety standards.

2) VW safari

A safari, in a city like Bali, amid a city filled with temples and hordes of people may sound weird, but it is the best way to explore the island. The trip from Bali to Ubud in a Volkswagen open car is the coolest way to go around. These open top classic cars take you through sleepy villages, rice terraces, cottage industries and get a glimpse of how the average Balinese people earn their living. There are conducted tours to Jatiluwih & Kintamani volcano as well to visit the active Mount Batur volcano.

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3) Sangeh monkey forest

Located 20 km north of the city of Denpasar, this forest is a well preserved retreat for grey long tailed macaques. This small rain forest area has giant nutmeg trees growing in them, some of them as tall as 40m. The Pura Bukit temple, situated in the heart of the forest, accounts for the sanctity of the place.

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4) Swim with the sharks

If you have been swimming with dolphins and turtles, then a dip with black and white tip reef sharks is what you have been missing all this time. So come down to the Bali shark nursery, at Serangan island, to get up close and natural with these beauties.

5) Visit Waterbom

This best water sports park in Asia, and among the top five in the world is a must for a heart beating Bali trip. This widely acclaimed theme park has exciting water slides of all levels.

6) Chill out at the Ghost palace hotel

This abandoned hotel, once a resort, is called the Ghost Palace Hotel. A pale shadow of its past splendour, the hotel serves as infamous building, known for the ghosts of workers who lost their lives in its construction. A few brave hearts and ghost hunters do venture out to explore the decaying buildings.

So if you want to experience Bali, beyond the stunning beaches, opt for these options.

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