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The world is such a beautiful place when you have someone to share it with. Travelling with the special someone is one of the best ways to explore the world. It brings out dimensions of your persona that were wrapped and hidden. It also…


Let’s you share sights and experiences: A sunset by the sea, when the sky bursts into shades of red, orange, purple and yellow, is utterly romantic. Shooting stars dart across the sky on a new moon night, making you swoon at every streak of light. It is a joy to have someone to share your feelings with and to hold hands when romance is in the air.

Brings out the true you: When you travel together, you are with each other all the time. There is no office crowd to talk to an no friends to chat with. 24 hours with the same person brings out the true you. No one can pretend for that long. If your better half loves and accepts you for who you are, you have a long lasting relationship in the making.

Makes a team: Travel is not all rosy… there are flat tyres and missed flights. Sometimes, there is a twisted ankle and at other times there is lost luggage. There are some occasions that make you cry and others that make you want to pull your hair out. Travelling together let’s you form a team that battles problems together… life seems to be much better when you have some support.


Drops all curtains: Hopping from one place to another sounds exciting… but sometimes, that excitement makes its way to your tummy and results in a case of Delhi belly. A month of travel is longer than the time that you would want to spend without visiting the parlour…thus emerges the not so pruned you. If you can love the not so pleasant side of your partner, you can possibly love him/her when old age takes away the good looks!


So, if you have decided to travel as a couple, here are some tips to make the journey more enjoyable:

  1. Find a few common activities that you both enjoy doing.
  2. Learn to accept differences. If your partner enjoys an activity that you don’t like, give him/ her the space to do it … and wait for him/her to come back.
  3. Grow as individuals and as a couple… plan and execute your plans together.
  4. Experiment and try something new… you may not have done it in the past, but that does not mean that you will not enjoy it!
  5. Have all meals together…bonding at the food table, with clinking glasses is fun!
  6. Don’t let peer pressure govern your travel plans. Just because someone else climbed a mountain or dived in the sea does not mean that you too have to do it.
  7. Avoid the blame game… and don’t instinctively blame the other person if times are difficult.
  8. Learn to use each other’s strengths… one could be good with languages while the other could be good at budgeting.
  9. Humour yourself and each other… let not the out of place burp cause any embarrassment!
  10. Let go of stress, enjoy each other’s company and relax … that’s why you are travelling together, isn’t it?

Bon voyage love birds … hope to see you on the other side of the rainbow with love that is deeper and ties that are stronger!

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Author: Sonia Sahni

Ticking The Bucket List is a couple travel blog that will let you see new places vicariously! Culture, Nature, food, history, adventure – come join us! You live only once!

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