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Top Adventure activities in Australia

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Australia is a paradise when it comes to adventure activities. Adrenaline junkies have much to look forward to in Australia. Scuba diving, sky diving, snorkeling, hiking, trekking, surfing, mountain cycling, kayaking, bungee jumping and many others, you name the adventure activity, and Australia will not disappoint you. It is a land full of surprises and has a lot to offer for those who love adventure and are addicted to the adrenaline surge. Be it air, water or land, Australia has all forms of adventures on offer for thrill seekers. Listed below are few of the many adventure activities one can enjoy in the country.

Best time to visit: While most of the activities are open all year long, April to September is the best time to visit thanks to the cooler climate.

1) Fly like a bird in the skies of Sydneysky diving in Australia

There are various sky diving clubs in Sydney that offer opportunities to learn sky diving, dive solo or sky dive with an instructor. Diving from as high as up to 15,000 ft., these clubs take complete care of your safety, comfort and also provide the option of diving in groups with your friends. It is best to explore various clubs and their offers/records online and then make a booking.

Best time: Skydiving is a weather based activity and the schedule depends on the weather conditions.


2) Witness the aura of Great Barrier Reef up and closeScuba Diver in Great barrier Reef

A World Heritage Site and the most fragile, unique ecosystem in the World made up of live corals, this 2300 KM long reef is home to millions of species of sea plants and sea animals.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are two great ways to experience this rich bio-diversity up front. The reef offers a wide range of dive sites which are suitable for first timers as well as experienced divers. These sites are reachable by sail boats, and diving/snorkeling can be done under the guidance of certified instructors who provide necessary equipment and training.

Here are a few sites to choose from:

  • Challenger Bay, Ribbon Reefs
  • Cod Hole, Ribbon Reefs
  • Around the Bend, Osprey Reef
  • Steve’s Bommie, Ribbon Reefs
  • Acropolis, Ribbon Reefs
  • Lighthouse Bommie, Ribbon Reefs
  • Snake Pit, Ribbon Reefs

Best time: The best time to visit the Barrier Reef is from June to October.


3) Ride the waves like a pro at Gold CoastSurfing in Gold Coast

With four prominent point breakers and a 70 KM coastline, the Gold coast, situated on Australia’s eastern coast is one of the best spots to ride the waves. Pick from the following locations which are some of the best places to surf for both beginners and experts. One can also witness international surfing competitions at these spots:

    • Rainbow Bay
    • Currumbin Duranbah Beach
    • Burleigh Heads

Best time: The best time to surf in Australia is from January to April when the water is warm and comfortable.


4) Experience nature like never before, hike and camp in one of the National ParksUluru-Kata National Park in Austrlia

With more than 500 national parks, rugged terrains and a long list of wild animals, Australia is a paradise for hikers and campers. Numerous national parks offer a variety of experiences to the hikers. The most popular parks include:

  • The Kakadu National Park
  •  Freycinet National Park
  •  Uluru-Kata National Park
  • Great Sandy National Park

These parks offer visitors a mix of wild life that includes:

  • Kangaroos
  • Wallabies
  • Crocodiles
  • Natural rock formations
  • white sand beaches
  • A chance to view the Aborigines lifestyle and art.

There are also famous hiking circuits such as:

  • The Dove Lake circuit
  • Kings Canyon Rim walk the Six-Foot track
  • The Great Ocean Walk

These walks offer great natural scenery views along with challenging terrain of the place.

Best time: Parks are open all year long and each one offers something different at different times.


5) Take a plunge and get high on adrenaline, try Bungee JumpingBungee Jumping Australia

Another famous adventure sport in Australia, there are many spots in the country that are known to take your breath away, quite literally! Cairns, located in Queensland is considered to be the best jumping spot in the country which has the world’s first purposely built bungee tower that offers a menu of more than 16 styles of jumping from a height of 50 Meters. Other famous bungee spots in Australia include:

    • Brisbane
    • Adelaide
    • Rock Hampton
    • Perth

Whether you are a newbie or a regular jumper, Australia has a treat for all.

Best time: Bungee jumping can be done any time of the year.


6) Get high on life with mountain treks in AustraliaCradle Mountain summit in tasmania

For those who love mountains, Australia’s Overland trek track in Tasmania is just about perfect. The Overland track covers 65 KM’s of walking through the Cradle Mountain Lake – St. Clair National park where walkers can trek on their own or take a guided trekking tour.

The Larapinta trail in the rugged and ancient landscape of the Northern Territory is another famous mountain trek track in the country. This trek is remote and is usually taken in groups.

Best time: It is always a good time to trek in Australia but the months of April through September are considered ideal to undertake one such journey.


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