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The Nabateans roamed here thousands of years ago, enamored by the red rocks and the powdery sand. The Nabataeans were one among several nomadic tribes that roamed the Arabian Desert, moving with their herds to wherever they could find pasture and water. Centuries went by, and the Romans set up an entire city here. Jordan has attracted one and all from centuries and continues to maintain its charm. It is time for you to discover and be amazed, as many have been in the past.

Jordan is one little country that is full of wonders. It has lot of  bucket list activities for both history & adventure buffs. You will surely tick a few items off your bucket list when you are here! Read on to get a glimpse of what Jordan has to offer to a traveler:

1) Refreshing history at Mount Nebo

Legend has it that Moses was granted views of the Promised Land from Mr Nebo. Climb atop the mountain to see the same for yourself. The site continues to be of great importance to the Christians and Muslims from around the world and is a must visit when you are in Jordan.

2) Exploring Petra

The Rose City of Petra was built by the Nabateans in the 5th century BC. The city truly is a work of art as massive rocks were carved by hand to create stunning facades; Al Khanzneh, the most famous of them all, will surely make your eyes pop.

3.Floating on the Dead Sea

Water of the Dead Sea is over seven times saltier than that of most seas. The salinity and high density will let you float effortlessly and bob on the surface. Remember to carry a book with you to take the perfect shot!

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4. Admiring the ruins at Jerash

Jerash is one of the most important Greco-Roman sites in the world. Walk through the colonnaded Oval Forum or imagine what the temples of Zeus and Artemis looked like in their hay days…Jerash is bound to spike your interest in Greek and Roman mythology.

5. Diving in the Red Sea

The city of Aqaba, located on the shores of the Red Sea offers excellent diving     opportunities. Most dives sites can be accessed from the shore itself and are suitable for beginners as well as advanced divers. The waters are full of colorful coral and even more colorful fish, including the lively sea goldies.

6.Hiking in Wadi Mujib

Hiking on the Wadi Mujib Siq trail, coupled with a bit of canyoning, is a perfect way to give yourself an Adrenalin boost. The wadi offers opportunities to walk through streams flowing through canyons, which is perfect for adventure seekers.

7.Being a crusader in the castle

Awaken the crusader in you and visit some of the castles in Jordan. The most frequently visited castles include Shobak, Karak and Ajloun. Admire the arches and find the vantage points that made these castles priced possessions of many crusaders over centuries.

8.Camping in Wadi Rum

From a flat land, covered with bright red sand, emerge sandstone faces that are meters tall, making Wadi Rum look like a moonscape. Climb one of these rock faces or get your self a warm cup of tea and watch the sun go down. Then tuck yourself in a blanket under the starlit sky and wait for a shooting star…you are bound to see many!

9.Making Mosaics at Madaba

The oldest map of the Holy Land that includes many details like the city of Jerusalem, the Nile delta and the Dead Sea can be found in St George’s Church in Madaba. The map dates back to the 5th century and continues to inspire local mosaic artists till date. Madaba is the ideal place to visit a mosaic workshop and pick up some souvenirs.

10.Relaxing in the hot springs:

If crusading, hiking and camping have made you feel exhausted, head to the hot springs at Ma’in. The area is bubbling with hot springs and is home to many spas and resorts. It might be exactly what your aching muscles are looking for!

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