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The Delicacies of Jordan

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If you’re a foodie and love to try out new cuisines every once in a while, then Jordan is definitely going to be your paradise. From Mansaf to Falafel, this ancient country is certainly going to surprise you with all its tasty delicacies. Do have a look at these top dishes that will surely make you lick your fingers.

The National Dish-MansafMansaf

You just cannot miss out on this one. In fact, Mansaf is so popular, it’s said to be the national dish. It’s made of lamb, cooked in a sauce of dried yoghurt and served with rice on a big platter, just enough for everyone to dive in. Back in the day, this dish was quite famous amongst the Bedouin and was popularized from there. Most local restaurants in Jordan serve this dish, so you don’t have to look specially for it!

Street Food DelightsFalafel street food

The one thing all foodies go straight in when visiting a new place is the street food. Jordan is no exception, with its wide variety of street foods. Check out the Ammani streets near the mosque to try out the food from the stalls near the souqs. Try out the falafel wraps, various breads and melammes. Lastly, fill your tummy to the full with something sweet by trying out the famous Baklava pastry.

The Bedouin Barbeque

Bedouin barbeque

While on your visit to Wadi Rum, don’t forget to try out the traditionally prepared Zarb. As fascinating as it is to watch the preparation of this chicken/lamb dish on coal and sand, it’s even better to taste. The cooked meat is super soft and almost melts in your mouth. Enjoy the experience to the fullest while staying at a Bedouin camp and enjoying the bonfire at night.

Jordanian MezzeMezze platter in Jordan

The Mezze platter is a common dish in the Middle-East, and quite popular amongst non-residents and tourists too. If you’re travelling in a pack, then the Mezze platter is something you should definitely try. There are multiple delicacies included in the platter that leave room for everyone, these include baba ganoush, tanouleh, hummus and various other things. This is definitely a good dish for a casual lunch with your loved ones.

The Sweetness of KnafehKanafa/knafeh

This cheesy pastry is a must try for all, food lovers or not. Prepared from cheese, rosewater, orange water and pistachios, not only is this sweet dish different but it also leaves a nice sweet aftertaste. If you’re not much of a sweet person, share it with someone and be amazed at the soft crunchy layer outside and the melting one inside. Knafeh is certainly the best way to finish your lunch or dinner for a happy stomach!

Scrumptious Meals for VegetariansFattoush salad

Although, meat and non-vegetarian food is commonly eaten all across the Middle-East, that doesn’t mean there is no tasty vegetarian food to offer. Jordan’s vast cuisine, allows both, vegetarians and non-vegetarians to divulge in scrumptious, mouth-watering dishes. The Mezze platter, with the Labneh, Mutabel, Baba Ganoush and various breads and fried snack serves as a perfect start. You can also try the Arabic Salad, Tabouleh and Fattoush salad if you aren’t looking for anything heavy. Don’t forget to try their traditional Taboon bread with the variety of dips present at your table!

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