Six Reasons why Travelling with Friends is the Best                                                       

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Who you travel with is as important as the destination you’re travelling to!  Holidaying with friends is a great stress buster when you’re looking to take a break from your mundane daily routine. After all, your friends are people you spend the most amount of time with by choice and they probably know you better than anyone else. They’re people with whom you can be yourself without any social pressures or expectations. The next time you’re planning a group holiday, here are six reasons why travelling with friends is the best.

Similar Likes & Dislikes
From the beginning of your friendship, what attracted you to each other was probably how similar yet different you all are. You may not share the same tastes in music or fashion but your idea of fun and adventure is probably the same as are the things that bother you. With similar likes and dislikes, you’re all on the same playing field so there’s little or no room for anyone being disgruntled or alienated.

Money Savers
Travelling with friends is a great way to save money on a holiday. You split all your costs and experiences like a hotel room, car rental, sightseeing tours, meals and everything else that you do together. By dividing expenses equally, you end up having the same out of fun at a fraction of the cost if you were to do it alone.

Never a Dull Moment
There’s never a dull moment when holidaying with friends! It’s always an adventure and your willingness to try new things together is fodder for creating some more crazy memories. You’re not stuck doing things alone and have the freedom of exploring a destination in a group, which makes it all the more fun for everyone.

Building a Bond
They say that only when you live with someone, you get to know who they truly are! Going on a holiday and spending almost 24 hours together every day helps you see your friends from a different perspective and appreciate them all the more for the people that they are.

Willing Lifesavers
True friends can be real lifesavers if you find yourself in a sticky situation while on holiday. They always have your back and are looking out for you just as you’re looking out for them. With strength in numbers, you’re likely to feel safer when out and about without constantly having your guard up.

Selfie, Anyone?
Travelling with friends invariably results in taking endless photographs in attempts to capture all the crazy fun. Selfies or groupies, friends are always willing partners in crime when it comes to pouting and posing. Say cheese!


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