Why Jordan is perfect for solo travelling

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“To wander is to be alive” and what better way to wander off than to travel solo and discover yourself. The biggest advantage of travelling solo is that you don’t need a destination to satiate your travel appetite instead wherever you go becomes a destination in itself. Completely safe to travel alone, even for women, Jordan is one country which stands out as a preferred destination for solo travelers looking for a memorable vacation.

1) Jordan – A jewel in the Arab crown

Jordan – A jewel in the Arab crown
Jordan strikes a fine balance between nature and man-made marvels. While on the one hand there are the famous 8th-century desert castles of Quseir Amra, a UNESCO world heritage site, there are the much famed natural wonders of the Dead Sea and Wadi Rum on the other. Jordan is a country full of surprises and a solo backpacking trip across the country is the best way to experience it first-hand.

2) A Flavor of the bygone era

A flavour of the bygone era
A trip to Jordan is essentially a reflection of the era gone by. The country boasts of five UNESCO world heritage sites, and ruins that are architectural marvels dot the country’s length and breadth.

Petra, nicknamed the “Rose City” due to its raspberry pink sandstone cliffs is a sight to behold. It’s most famous structure, Al Kahzneh, is a temple which is famous for its ornate, Greek-style facade. This place is mysterious under the sun and mesmerizing under the stars. A trip to Jordan cannot begin without visiting Petra. Other famous sites of archaeological interests include the ruins of Jerash, Madaba, also called the city of mosaics, Pella, Umm Qays, etc.

3) Nature lover’s paradise

Nature lover’s paradise
Who hasn’t heard about the sea where no one drowns? The Dead Sea is a fine example of how mysteriously nature works. One of the most renowned water bodies in the World, floating in the Dead Sea is considered therapeutic, nature’s way of treating you to a fine session of a spa on your holiday. Millions of tourists visit the Dead Sea every year to experience this wonder of nature, a perfect getaway while on a solo trip to Jordan.

Jordan also has a healthy ecosystem which boasts of a well-preserved coral reef system in the Gulf of Aqaba, a very unique wetland oasis in Azraq, the moon-like landscape of Wadi Rum which is home to many rare and endemic plants and wildlife and numerous forest and biosphere reserves. It is paradise for those who want to spend some lone time in the tranquility of nature.

Satiate your taste buds with Jordanian delicacies
Jordan due to its geographical location has Levantine cuisine which takes inspiration from cuisines of North Africa, Middle East, Persia and the Mediterranean. Famous for its hospitality, the country is home to some of the most scrumptious dishes.

Mansaf, the national dish of Jordan is a must try, especially for those who love eating lamb. Falafel and Hummus are the obvious choices of dishes when it comes to the Middle East and Jordan is no exception. The country plays host to some very traditional and authentic dishes which are sure to leave you craving for more.

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There is a famous quote in Jordan and the Middle East which rightly sums up the craving each one has on tasting the delicacies on offer – “Even when you’re full, you can still always eat 40 more bites of food.”

One can get detailed information on what all Jordan has to offer on their official tourism website. Easy to access, Jordan even offers Visa on arrival facility to tourists coming from many countries including India.

You can opt to wander off alone and explore the wilderness of Jordan firsthand or take up various culture tours and experience Jordan’s unique history and magnificent landscapes. Whatever you do, where ever you are, you are never far from excitement, adventure and surprises in Jordan.

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