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Your Guide to Maldives Southernmost Island: Gan

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So you’ve decided to visit the tropical beaches of Maldives or at least are on the verge of planning. If you’re one to experiment, explore a new side to this beach paradise. Forget the capital city of Male and dive in to explore the beautiful beaches of Gan Island. If you’re wondering what this island is all about, read on to find out more.

 Up & ComingGan island deck

The newly launched Gan international airport is surely going to boost the tourism around this area. In fact, the airport is the second largest in Maldives and many major international airlines have already started flying there, so it makes all it easier to visit this place.

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Peaceful and SereneGan Island Sunet

Since Gan is relatively new in the space off-beat  spots in Maldives, expect total privacy and uninterrupted sunsets by the white sand beaches. This destination is perfect for newlywed couples who often seek some privacy on their honeymoon.

Blue LoveGan island underwater

Since Gan is the Southernmost island on Maldives and in Addu Atoll, and remains somewhat untouched, the water around is pristine blue in color and ideal for underwater adventure activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. Expect some beautiful views of the marine life and fall in love with the corals. The water is also ideal for sailing and fishing during sunset.

Seafood DelicaciesGan island food

The area around Gan has scrumptious delights to offer. There are multiple hotels and restaurants that offer mouthwatering seafood like prawn curry, fried fish, tuna, etc. If you’re a foodie, Gan will surely appease your taste buds and we bet you’d keep asking for more!

Experience it like a Local

Once the air Force military base for the British, Gan is now an island that is offbeat for many tourists. Located in Seenu Atoll, the island is home to many local inhabitants. You can explore the island by hiring a bicycle or on foot. Visit village settlements and experience the lifestyle of a Maldivian.

Go Island-hoppingGan island hopping

Gan’s network is pretty well-connected as there are various causeways that let you visit the nearby islands of Hithadhoo, Maradu and Feydu. Suffice to say, you’re definitely not going to get bored on your trip to Gan island.

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