Why Dads Make the Best Travel Buddies

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The next time you decide to travel, how about asking your dad to come with you. Sure, traveling with friends is fun but traveling with your dad is an adventure in itself. Dashing. Amazing. Delightful. That’s what dads are and here are reasons why dads make the best travel buddies…

Let You Indulge

What mom won’t let you do, dad surely will. That’s just how it is! While on holiday, you can take plenty of liberties and your dad will probably just give in. From sightseeing to shopping, dads are happy just being part of it with you even if they’re bored out of their minds!

Always Up for an Adventure

Dads usually can be cajoled in to doing almost anything. Whether it’s skydiving or hot-air ballooning, dads are always up for new experiences. It works to your advantage to take push their limits because it’s always interesting to get a different perspective and a great way to bond.

Wingman or Anti-Wingman

Your dad is your biggest fan and he’ll always come through for you in any situation. Whether you need some help in talking to handsome guy or pretty girl, he’ll turn on the dad charm and make sure it happens. The flipside also holds true…if there’s someone creeping around, your dad will send them running with just a silent glare.

He Knows You

He’s changed your diapers, fed you and sent you off to school as a child. Your dad knows you better than you know yourself. He can read your moods and knows what to do and say in situations where you need help. His dad jokes have made you laugh as a child and still put a smile on your face. Your dad just knows how to make it all better!

Hawkeye Watchman & Problem Solver

Who needs a bodyguard when you have dad around! He’s always looking out for you and is the ultimate watchman. You don’t have to worry too much when he’s around because you know that he’s looking out for you no matter how young or old you are and he is. There isn’t a problem too big or small that he can’t fix. Your dad has it covered.

Money Manager

Your dad will probably not let you pay for most things when you are out with him. While that’s great, don’t take advantage of his generosity. Find ways to pay him back even if it’s in small gestures like picking up the tab for a meal or buying him a fun souvenir while on your holiday together.

Ultimate Quality Time

A holiday with your dad is the best way to bond with him. It’ll probably make for the most memorable trip of your life and one that you will treasure forever. You may be surprised to discover that you have more in common than you thought.

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With the inability to sit still, she’s always going ‘somewhere’. Foodie, spa junkie, animal lover and traveler. That’s Devika’s story.

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