Chasing Rain Clouds in Munnar

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Last July, in the middle of a gorgeous monsoon season, I decided to go on a trip with both my families. It was my mother-in-law’s first time in Kerala and we wanted to spend a few relaxing days just enjoying the music of the rain. We chose to drive up to Munnar, a lovely hill station nestled in the district of Idukky.

Neelakurinji blooms

                                                                             Image Courtesy ~ Preethi Paul

Munnar is where trekkers go to walk among clouds, where poets wax eloquent of the enigmatic Neelakurinji blooms, where lovers go to honeymoon, and where the British created a summer resort to enjoy the wet and misty climes that reminded them of home.

Munnar is also home to vast expanses of verdant and rich tea estates. It is quite a treat to drive or bike through these estates. Even the drive up to the hills was punctuated with frequent stops. All the streams and waterfalls were swollen and provide gorgeous scenic backgrounds to family pictures. We also stopped at tiny shacks run by adivasis who were selling locally-made artifacts, snacks, wild honey, and indigenous rice dishes.

Mattupetty Dam

                                                                             Image Courtesy ~ Preethi Paul

I wouldn’t go to Munnar with a strict itinerary or a list of must-dos. This is what my to-do list looked like: check out Mattupetty Dam, explore the Pallivasal area, visit the Floriculture center and peer at exotic plants, make a short trip to Eravikulam National Park. And this is what I ended up doing: sat by a window and read a book while listening to my father gently snore, sipped a cup of Munnar tea with my mother-in-law and my mother, hiked up a cardamom-laden hill with my nephew, tagged along with my husband while he changed camera lens after camera lens to get the perfect shot.

You get the gist.

Ayurveda wellness center

                                                                             Image Courtesy ~ Preethi Paul

There are some activities I would recommend, here though. Take some time out to visit an Ayurveda wellness center that offers specialized massages and oil treatments during the monsoons. Most centers might be touristy, so check with locals. If you have time, check out a Kathakali and a Kalaripayattu performance too. There are a couple of centers in the Pallivasal area. There are some really good boating and horse riding spots in Munnar, as well.

spice centers

                                                                             Image Courtesy ~ Preethi Paul

And if you are anything like me, I highly recommend a visit to any of the spice centers. I went back home with my bags bursting with stashes of cardamoms, black pepper, and Kannan Devan tea and my bottle of wild honey. And when I was back, busy with my city routine, I would catch a stray whiff of scented spice, and be back in the hills of Munnar, chasing the monsoons once again.

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