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Bucket List Adventure: Float in the Dead Sea

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Ever wondered what it would be like to just float in the water while reading a book? Well, instead of wondering about it, you can actually experience it in the hypersaline water of the Dead Sea in the Middle-East. Here is a detailed guide to help you know all about floating in the Dead Sea.

Float Away in a Sea…But How?Floating in the Dead Sea

Technically, Dead Sea isn’t really a sea, it’s a hyper-saline lake with great depth (about 1100 feet). It borders Israel and Jordan and has some super cool health benefits associated with its saline water. The salt in the Dead Sea contains minerals like Sulphur, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. It’s about 10% saltier than sea water which means that it has a high buoyancy rate, thus allowing you to float in the water of the Dead Sea.

Okay, I’m Game but Where?Dead Sea jordan

Israel and Jordan are your ideal destinations to experience the wonders of the Dead Sea. There are multiple resorts and hotels near the Dead Sea to help you with your first time in water and give you a brief about the benefits and risks of the water.

How to Get There?Amman-Dead Sea highway

You will find numerous hotels and resorts on the Amman-Dead Sea Highway. Most tourists visit the Amman Beach Resort Complex but there are various other options too. Pick your spot and enjoy the goodness of the rich soil present at this lake.

Entry Fee: 15 JD

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Is it risky?

There is a list of instructions on the beaches of the Dead Sea that tell you about the way in which you should float.

  • Don’t dive or put your head inside the water. The water is too saline for your body to take it.
  • Slowly walk into the water, then squat and push yourself backwards, you will automatically bounce up.
  • Don’t splash water on yourself or others.
  • Immediately get out if you’re getting burning sensations.
  • Don’t stay in water for too long.

And the Benefits Are-:Dead Sea salt

Reduces Stress

Your muscles tend to relax and increase blood flow circulation when they come in contact with salt water. Your body tends to relax and just ease out all the tension stored in your muscles which basically means you have a great time soaking and floating!

Healthier Hair

The Dead Sea salt is said to cure hair fall due to its richness in Sulphur and potassium. Since it increases blood stimulation, it automatically increases the rate of hair growth. The mud around the Dead Sea is also said to act as a shiny hair pack. Just leave it on for an hour and then wash it for a lustrous shine.

Cures Skin Diseases

Dermatitis, Eczema and various other itchy skin problems can be treated here, due to the heavy magnesium and bromide content in the water. However, it’s advisable that you don’t immerse yourself in water for too long to cause a negative reaction on your skin.

Anti-Ageing Properties

Who doesn’t want to look young? Now, looking flawless forever isn’t possible, but the ageing process can certainly be slowed down. The dead sea salt contributes up to 40% reduction in wrinkles. Not only that, it helps get rid of cellulite and stretch marks too. The Salt contains minerals perfect for exfoliating, hydrating and detoxifying the skin, thus giving one a youthful glow!

Prevents Heart Problems

Most heart problems are caused due to increased blood pressure and hypertension. This can be controlled by the minerals present in the Dead Sea. Potassium, magnesium and calcium help get rid of hypertension and circulate blood vessels, which causes the heart muscles to relax. The blood flowing freely and smoothly helps one to ease heart problems and prevents heart diseases.Dead sea mask

There are various other Spa Treatments around the area surrounding the Dead Sea, which are great to rejuvenate your body. If you aren’t up for that, you can always buy the dead sea products sold in the markets around the beach. Or better yet, just immerse yourself in the water to reap the benefits later!

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