Adventures in Jordan

Adventures in Jordan

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A holiday to Jordan is not only  about food and site-seeing. Apart from being so rich in culture and heritage, Jordan has a plethora of activities that await adventure seekers. Here is a list of all the adventure activities in Jordan that all tourists must try:

Dana Biosphere ReserveDana Biosphere Reserve

One of the most beautiful sites in Jordan, Dana biosphere reserve is Jordan’s very own hidden gem. Home to the spectacular medieval village of Dana, this reserve has some of the best hiking trails in Jordan. The view of the stone village is beautiful, and it accounts for some of the best panoramic shots of Jordan. You can enjoy hiking, mountain biking or canyoning through the reserve. This place is also inhabited by 25 endangered mammals and over 180 species of plants.

Rock Climbing in Wadi RumWadi Rum

If you’ve always wanted to experience tough rock climbing, then Wadi Rum is the place to be. The area is famous for all sorts of adventure activities such as rock climbing, hiking and even rope jumping. Hence, it makes a great destination for like-minded adventure sport enthusiasts. There are various base camps in Rum village that act as meditation camps as well. If you’re new to the whole experience, don’t worry there are trained mountaineers to help you through it.

Trails of Wadi ArabaAraba desert Jordan

Have a thrilling time while exploring the eastern desert of Wadi Araba. Many excursions and day trips are available for your hiking, canyoning, abseiling/ rappelling and climbing trip in the desert. Experience the best of the best by walking through the sandstones and making way through the stunning canyons. Guided tours are available for individuals and groups, make sure you’re well prepared for your adventure by staying hydrated and wearing comfortable clothing.

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Camel Rides in PetraPetra

Who doesn’t want to visit one of the wonders of the world? Petra is a great archeological site that can be explored in more than one ways. It takes about one day at least to explore Petra, and doing it on foot is pretty much impossible. A camel ride or donkey ride is definitely a thrilling way to explore the cities temples and monuments. Petra’s camel rides are famous all over the world and if you’re visiting Jordan, this is one thing that you mustn’t miss!

Sailing/Snorkeling in the Great AqabaAqaba Jordan

Jordan doesn’t just offer activities on land, but underwater too. Explore the coastline of the Aquaba while snorkeling for a spectacular view of the reef. Located about 10 km south of the city, the reef is approx. 20 km long. You can expect to find lionfish, damselfish, clownfish and various other species here. There are many spots on the coast between Aqaba & Saudi that are exceptional for viewing the gems underwater.

Jordan as a country offers many adventures. These are just a few ways to make your trip to Jordan even more exciting, but the fun certainly doesn’t end here!

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