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Nice is just not for the laid back. This buzzing city also offers more physical activities which are a great way to be enthralled by the beautiful surroundings that make the French Riviera so special.

Nice Cycle Tours

Nice Cycle Tours
One of the many adventure activities in Nice is a cycle tour around the many landmarks and natural spots of the area. Nice Cycle Tours offer comprehensive guided tours which will take you to attractions like Chateau Hill, the Old Town and the Port.
Timing: 10AM to 6PM Daily


C.I.P de Nice (Centre International de Plongee

C.I.P de Nice (Centre International de Plongee
A trip to Nice will be incomplete without a dip into the glorious Mediterranean. At the Centre International de Plongee, a great team of experts will take you on diving tours to some exclusive spots on the coastal region.


Le Bureau Des Moniteurs du pays Nicois

If you fancy some gravity defying rock climbing in a secure environment, then at the Le Bureau Des Moniteurs you can enjoy that and other activities like canyoning and zip-lining too.
Timing: 9AM to 8.45PM Daily

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Blue Beach

One of the most famous beaches in the Riviera, the Blue Beach is a stage for many fun activities in Nice. Close to a water sports centre, you can spend all day here enjoying the spray of the ocean and the wind in your hair.
Timing: 8AM to 7PM Daily


Castel Plage

Castel Plage
Another famous beach in the Riviera, Castel Plage is a spot for many adventure sports in Nice. The beach has a public and private area and also present is a popular beachside restaurant serving delicious cuisines.
Timing: 9AM to 7PM Daily

With a sea-side location and captivating surrounding terrain, Nice is a perfect spot for exploration. From great diving sites to prehistoric remnants this pearl of the Riviera has everything to offer adventure loving travelers.

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