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One of South Africa’s best recreational destinations for a good reason, there are many adventure sports activities in Cape Town that you can enjoy. Here are some highlights.

Sandboarding Adventure (Atlantis)


Sandboarding is a unique and enjoyable activity, and you can be part of this popular Cape Town sport at the Atlantis sand dunes, just a short drive from the city centre. Situated in a conservation area, this experience is also a good way to experience the natural wealth of Cape Town.

Timings: 9AM to 4PM Daily

Great White Shark Cage Diving Tour (Milnerton)


Shark Cage diving is probably one of the most thrilling and scary experiences you will have. This unique experience is done in secure and controlled environments, and you can view the most mysterious alpha predator of the seas up close in its environment.

Cape Canopy Tour (Constantia Nek Trail)

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Get amazing birds eye views of the cape region and soar through some of the most beautiful areas around Cape Town on a zip line. The Cape Canopy tour is one of the most fun activities in Cape Town and should not be missed.

Timings: 8AM to 3PM

Mother City Skydiving (Cape Town Central)


Headquartered at the Diepkloof Airfield, the Mother City Skydiving experience is not for the fainthearted. There are facilities for experienced skydivers and the tandem skydiving experience is perfect for those looking to experience this thrilling activity but need some help doing so.

Timings: 8AM to 7PM


Animal Ocean Seal Snorkeling (Hout Bay)

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One of the popular adventure activities in Cape Town is an unparalleled snorkelling experience in the beautiful Hout Bay area. Swim with seals and see the delicate marine life and underwater landscape off the coast of Cape Town.

Timings: 8AM to 4PM Monday to Saturday (Sunday Closed)

SA Forest Adventures Cape Town (Constantia)

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A Cape Town trip would be incomplete without an experience in the wilderness areas of the region. Zipline through some of the most pristine spots in Cape Town and get views of the mountains, valleys and coasts of the region in this unique and thrilling way.

Timings: 9AM to 4PM Everyday

Cape Town’s calling has enthralled millions of visitors and this convergence of cultures also possesses some of the most breathtaking adventure sites in the world. Your trip here will guarantee exciting memories and electric experiences.

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