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10 Norwegian Places That You Would Fall in Love With!

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If Instagram wouldn’t have existed, most of us would have been unknown to the feeling of wanderlust. There may be innumerable countries that stroke this feeling within us and one such example is Norway, which is definitely worth listing on your bucket list. Not only is Norway absolutely bewitching, the country has some hidden gems that would definitely leave you in awe. Here is a list of 10 Norwegian places that you should surely visit in this lifetime:

1) Aurora Borealis in LyngenAurora Borealis Norway

If watching the northern lights has been your dream, then this is certainly one place worth visiting for a glorious view of the Aurora Borealis. Lyngenfjord is known for its dramatic landscapes, blue glaciers, adventurous trails and mostly a spectacular view of the Lyngen Alps.

2) River Stryneelva in StrynStryneelva

This is no ordinary river, if you manage to get an aerial view of the river, you’ll notice that it meanders through the valley of Strynedalan and probably looks like a snake! The river is famous for fishing and isn’t long but the course along Stryneelva is beautiful and then of course, there is the village of Stryn to watch out for.

3) Drive through the Atlantic Ocean Road in RomsdalAtleantic Ocean Road Norway

The Atlantic Ocean Road is one of the most unique attractions in Norway. The road begins in Aveloy and runs into the island of Kuholmen. Probably the scariest of all the bridges on the road, the Storseisundet Bridge is not only dangerous but also beautiful to look at. The deep curve bend that greets travelers is surely a great way to get your adrenaline pumping.

4) Hike to the Bondhusbreen Glacier in Hordaland CountyHordaland County glacier

Norway is filled with breathtaking natural landscapes, the Bondhusbreen glacier is definitely one such beauty. The path from the Bonshus Lake to the glacier can be risky as it is usually wet, and muggy during summer months, but the front facing view of the Glacier is certainly worth it.

5) Fishing in HamnoyHamnoy village in Lofoten

Located in the municipality of Moskenes, this picturesque town is definitely one where you can just sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy the view. It is one of the oldest towns for fishing, and is a favorite amongst many professional photographers. Although it can get pretty dark here during winters, you can still enjoy the polar night sky.

6) Uttakleiv Beach in LofotenUttakleiv beach in Lofoten

Lofoten is surely an extremely popular island in Norway amongst tourists. Uttakleiv beach in Lofoten is definitely one of those place that give us travelling goals on Instagram. The beach comes alive during summer months and watch out for high tides since the best photos are said to be clicked then.

7) Oslo Fjord and Akershus Fortress in OsloView of Akershus fortress in Oslofjord

Well, if you wish to be transported back in time, then this is the ideal place for you. Akershus Fortress dates back to the Middle Ages and has remained historic since. The fortress has seen quite a lot of bloodshed, including some during World War II. However, the sight of the fortress looks brilliant from the City Hall and is surely one you shouldn’t miss.

8) Fedje IslandFedge island Norway

Imagine an Island with a small house and a towering lighthouse on it. Fedje Island in Norway can give you exactly that, the island is famous for it’s over a century old lighthouse. If you visit the island during summer months, you can have the chance to spend the night at the lighthouse keeper’s house and listen to stories.

9) Arctic Cathedral in TromsoNorway Cathedral in Tromso

This masterpiece designed by architect Jan Inge Hovig, is one which you shouldn’t miss at any cost. The cathedral is mostly made up of aluminum and glass and has a prominent presence in Tromso. The view of the cathedral can be enjoyed best from the Tromso Bridge and the Tromso Sound.

10) Trolltunga in Oddatrolltunga cliff

One of the most awe-inspiring cliffs, Trolltunga will definitely be an amazing sight for the adventure junkie in you. It is no easy task to get here either, the hike to Trolltunga is about 20 kilometers long minus the 900 meters ascend. The best time to visit is from mid-June to mid-September, if you want to catch the beauty of the Norwegian landscape.


BergenBergen Norway

A quaint old town, Bergen is Norway’s cute and colorful delight. Surrounded by a harbor and multicolored wooden houses, this town is perfect to just have a stroll or visit markets. The sunset near the harbor is certainly worth visiting it!

How to Get There: There are various connecting flights that depart for Oslo from Delhi and Mumbai. Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines and Emirates are a few airlines that fly to Oslo.

Alternative Option:
• You can fly directly to London from Delhi or Mumbai and then book a flight from London to Oslo.
• Airlines that fly directly to London from India are Air India, Jet Airways, British Airways, Etihaad and Oman Air.
• Airlines that fly from London to Oslo are British Airways, Finnair, Ryanair and SAS

Visa Information for Indians:
Norway does fall under the Schengen visa category, so you can apply for your visa at VFS or directly at the embassy consulate in your city.

Approx. Processing Time: 2-4 weeks

Best Time to Visit: Since Norway is closer to the North Pole, it’s advised that you visit the country during summers because winters can be harsh. However, if you are someone who is acclimated to the winter season, Norway can surely be a delight during winters (especially during Christmas) with reindeers and an even more better view of the Northern Lights.

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