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Visit These Places for the Price of the Newly Launched IPhone X

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The most anticipated tech event of the year finally took place on the 12th of this month and we can’t stop talking about it! The newly launched IPhone X is surely a delight for many Apple fans, but at the same time spending a whopping $999 on a phone that will soon be replaced by another model, seems a bit far-fetched no? What if we told you that the money spent on your little tech piece could actually be used to make priceless memories abroad? Here is a list of all those destinations that you can visit instead of buying an IPhone X.

DubaiDubai city tour

A popular tourist spot, Dubai is certainly a luxurious destination to holiday in. Think shopping, scrumptious meals, blue beaches, a busy esplanade and desert safari. Dubai is certainly a place that can be covered for in less than Rs.70k with ease. The city isn’t big, so at the most you’ll need about 5 nights for your stay here. The best part? Dubai continues to be listed as one of the safest cities, thus worry not if you plan on travelling alone.

Dubai 3N/4D starting @ 25,000 p.p. with flights (Ex-Delhi)

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ThailandPattaya city

If you’re thinking beaches, then Thailand would’ve surely crossed your mind. Home to some of the best beaches and a favorite among all shopaholics, Thailand is definitely that doesn’t need much when it comes to travelling. If you’re particularly adventurous, you can try staying at one of the tourist hostels, that are cheap and a great chance for you to get to know fellow adventurers. If your aim is to enjoy and let loose then don’t miss out on Pattaya and Phuket, their nightlife is certainly one that you have to experience!

Thailand 3N/4D starting @ 21,000 p.p. with flights (Ex-Kolkata)

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MaldivesMaldives bio- luminous beach

Definitely a calmer and peaceful option as compared to the others, Maldives is ideal for all those who are looking for some quite time with their loved ones or even alone. The country is the lowest point on the earth and is said to disappear soon! Divulge in seafood and experience magic while visiting the bio-luminescent Reethi Beach. Make the most out of visiting this tropical island by taking part in some underwater adventure activities.

Maldives 3N/4D starting @ 33,000 p.p. with flights (Ex-Chennai)

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JordanTemple of Hercules

It’s better to treat yourself to a luxurious holiday than buying a luxury phone, isn’t it? Imagine floating in the middle of the Dead Sea and reading a book, while the magic of the minerals works their way into your skin. Sound appeasing? Well Jordan is a destination that will keep asking you for more. Visit Petra, one of the New7Wonders, for a cultural tour. Stay at a Bedouin camp in the sands of Wadi Rum and get a feel of the local life, enjoy the delectable Jordanian delicacies and relax in Aqaba for a wholesome event! Jordan is definitely your one stop to experience it all.

Jordan 4N/5D starting @ 53,000 p.p. with flights (Ex-Delhi)

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Malaysia & SingaporeSingapore

Another South-East Asian treasure that is a great destination for families. Enjoy visiting the Sentosa Island, Universal Studios and Madame Tussauds in Singapore. Buses between the two countries operate on a regular basis and you can experience both on a long weekend in just a few days! Save your shopping for all the flea markets in Malaysia and enjoy your sight-seeing in Singapore, a trip to these two places is always fun and full of vigour!

Singapore 3N/4D starting @ 33,000 p.p. with flights (Ex-Delhi)

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Malaysia 3N/4D starting @ 17,000 p.p. with flights (Ex-Chennai)

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Who doesn’t love Bali? If your favorite celebrities didn’t give you good enough reason to go to this destination, then we surely will. Indonesia is definitely one of the cheapest countries to holiday in and its totally worth it! Expect to spend no more than 60k on a minimum 4-day trip to this nature’s hub. Visit old monasteries, enjoy the fresh vegetables, go hiking and ease your stress by meditating. And the best part? The crystal clear beaches of course!

Bali 4N/5D starting @ 24,000 p.p. with flights (Ex-Chennai)

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Sri LankaSri Lanka elephants

One can easily enjoy a decent 6-7 days’ trip to Sri Lanka for up to 60k in no time! Since the travel time isn’t much from India, flight tickets for Sri Lanka are much cheaper. A heaven for most nature lovers, Sri Lanka offers adventurous hiking trails, exquisite beaches, beautiful temples, elephant rides through the jungle and a variety of seafood! Moreover, Sri Lanka houses some of the best beaches for snorkeling, surfing and just relaxing. It makes for an ideal destination for solo travelers and families alike.

Sri Lanka 3N/4D starting @ 34,000 p.p. with flights (Ex-Chennai)

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CroatiaSplit in Croatia

Remember Essos & Kingslanding? Oh yes, we’re talking Game of Thrones language, well your favorite scenes from there were actually shot here.  Visit this scenic Eastern European country in less than Rs.80k! Like many other European destinations, Croatia is filled with scenic sites and monuments. Visit the old streets of Zagreb or relax in the beautiful beaches of Split. A 4-5 days’ trip to this country will surely leave you relaxed and happy for a long time.

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A 5-day trip to Poland can easily be covered under 80k! Stay in a B&B and enjoy the Old town of Warsaw, the old castles and museums and a range of gardens and pastel buildings. Revel in the local culture by eating in an open air café. If you’re up for an adventure visit the Landscape park near Warsaw for a trail through the forest! Make the most of your little time here by visiting the picturesque town of Pultusk. Although unconventional, a trip to Poland is surely going to bring back some sweet memories and a great experience!

Owning an IPhone surely does sound like a tantalizing thought, but think of all the places you can visit with that money! We’re just here to clear out your mind, no pressure.J

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