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Before you get going on your travels, check out our top travel app recommendations that will keep the stresses of travelling at bay so all you need to focus on is having a great time!

Google Translate
Save yourself the exasperation of not being able to communicate in a foreign country because you don’t know the language. The Google Translate app makes it easy by translating simple conversational phrases and complex sentences in 103 languages. The best part? You can use the camera to translate text instantly too.

XE Currency
A million Indonesian Rupiahs! Sounds like a lot, right? Figure out exactly how much it is with the XE Currency app that allows travelers to convert global currencies across the world. Get real-time rates and even set up alerts. Mental math be gone!


Just as great weather can make a day, bad weather can ruin it. With AccuWeather, stay updated with the latest real-time weather forecasts wherever you are so you know what to expect when you’re stepping out. You’ll know exactly when to carry that umbrella or bring out those shorts!

Looking to make your holiday photos even more glamourous? Snapseed is a photo-editing app that automatically adjusts the colors in your photos to make them look their best versions. With the option of adding a variety of filters as well, you can directly share your photos on social media through Snapseed.

Food spotting

Food is a big part of travel and menus can be tricky to navigate. What sounds good doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll taste good! The Food spotting app solves that dilemma by offering a visual guide to food. Supported by a community, Food spotting lets you to search for restaurants and goes further by making dish recommendations. Bon appétit!

Wi-Fi Finder

A real treat when travelling is free Wi-Fi! The Wi-Fi Finder is for those addicted to seeking those precious signal bars so they can text, chat, email, upload photos, download music and do lots more without expending precious data and money. Wi-Fi Finder hooks you up with open connections and hotspots near you.

Field Trip
Beyond what the guidebooks will tell you, Field Trip is an app that uncovers hidden gems in a city based on your location at any given point. It tells you everything from cool sights and historical landmarks to the hippest places to shop and the trendiest restaurants to eat at near you.


Turn up to 200 holiday photos in to a fun video with Quik. Add a soundtrack and text, apply filters and themes and share your creativity directly on social media. The tips and tools on Quik make creating your mini movie very easy. Watch out Steven Spielberg!


Business travel is not the most fun especially when it comes to managing expenses. Keeping track of multiple bills and vouchers can be a nightmare. Not to mention how tedious the paperwork for filing an expense report is! The Expensify app comes to the rescue with features like receipt scanning, mileage entry, credit card item sorting and all that you need to manage your travel spends.


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