Top Tips for Women Travelling Solo

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With endless opportunities lying along the way, travelling solo is exhilarating to say the least. You get to explore new places, meet new people, and most importantly, understand new cultures. It allows you to broaden your horizons, and know your own self like never before. Travelling solo empowers you with a sense of freedom that nothing in the world can match. If you are a woman planning to travel on your own, you are in for a journey of a lifetime. You just need to keep certain things in mind in order to avoid landing yourself in trouble. Here are a few tips and tricks that will come handy while you are on your solo trip

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Travel during the day

The essence of an unforgettable trip is to wander and discover new places. However, plan your trips according to the time of day. It is better to explore offbeat areas for when the sun is up and about. As a woman, being stuck at an unknown place after dark is more of a trouble than an adventure.


Pack light and wise

Often people pack unnecessary things on impulse. Packing must be done according to the demands of the destination. A small notebook containing emergency numbers, a first aid kit, a navigator’s compass, a pair of scissors, an actual map, a torch, and sunscreen lotion are some of the must have items for every woman traveller.

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Research well and blend in

Try to gather as much information about the place you are heading to as you possibly can. This will both let you move around easily, and help you keep safe. Also, avoid dressing up as a tourist. Be at your casual best to attracting any potential scammers. Since blending in entirely into a different culture would be difficult, appear as if you know where you are going rather than appearing lost.


Do not forget important documents

Make sure you are carrying all the necessary papers with you before you get going. These include your passport, an identity proof, and your driver’s license. You might also need documents like your car or travel insurance in some cases.

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Take precautions

You must be prepared for various kinds of situations, for a trip can unfold in many different ways. From regularly updating someone of your whereabouts to carrying a pepper spray in your immediate bag; it is necessary that you travel with maximum precautions.


Do not show-off your belongings

Whether it is your expensive camera, or a fancy piece of jewellery, you need to tone down a little bit when travelling solo. Thieves are everywhere; you must not give them any reason to be interested in you.

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Do not compromise with sleep

This is more of a rule than a tip that every traveller must abide by. It becomes more important if you are driving yourself to your destination. Road trips can be exhausting and a momentary lapse is all it takes to turn one into a road accident.


Eat in check and stay hydrated

: Indulge yourself in various delicacies while travelling but remember to not go overboard. An upset stomach is the last thing you want on your solo adventure. Also, increase your water intake to avoid fatigue and other health issues. Cold beverages are a good way of keeping oneself hydrated.

GoFro Tip: In addition to keeping important documents on your person, we also recommend that you scan each of them and send a copy to yourself, your family, and your friends. This will help a lot if you end up losing your bag or your documents.

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