Top things to do in Maldives

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Maldives is the perfect tropical island that can make your soul sing a romantic song. The azure waters, swaying palm trees and pristine white sands are picture perfect settings for your honeymoon. Besides splashing around in the sea, sun bathing and sipping on colourful cocktails, here are a few things to do in order to add some zing to your vacation.



Warm waters of the Indian Ocean are like an aquarium. Colourful corals are home to even more colourful fish. If you are lucky, you might be able to swim with the majestic whale shark or watch the gentle mantas glide gracefully in the deep blue sea.


SCUBA diving

SCUBA diving
If you aren’t SCUBA certified, Maldives is a great place to get your SCUBA license. The seas are gentle, the currents are mild and the visibility is good. There are plenty of dive site for beginners, intermediate and advanced divers. Don the tank and dive in; there is more colour underwater than you have ever seen on land.


Water sports

If an adrenalin rush is what you seek, there is plenty that the Maldivian islands have to offer. Hop on a jet ski and zoom over the waters or try your hands at kite surfing. For those who want to take it easy, try some kayaking over shallow lagoons to burn some calories.


Picnic on a sand bank

Ever wondered what it would be like to visit an island like Robinson Crusoe? Stop wondering and head to a sand bank, where you can get the entire beach to yourself. Pack a picnic lunch and bottle of wine to raise a toast… few places with be as romantic as this!



Surf’s up in the Maldives all year round. Swells are bigger from March to November, with June, July and August being the ideal months for experienced surfers.



Book a couple massage in an over water spa. As you lay on the massage table, through the glass floor, watch the fish play. Lounge in a bath with milk and rose petals and have some bubbly. A luxurious spa experience has to be part of your Maldivian vacation.


Sunset tour

Sunset tour
Sail on a dhow and watch the sun kiss the horizon as the sky bursts into reds, oranges and pink. If you prefer being on land, head to the western coast of the island and settle down on the soft sand to watch Nature’s colourful palette.


Village tour

Tour a local village and shop at the fish market where fishermen sell the catch of the day. Sea food doesn’t get any fresher, does it? Visit the local market and buy some souvenirs to support the local community and to remind you of the Maldivian paradise when you are back home.


Over Water Villa

Over Water Villa
Step into the ocean from your sun deck and swim in the calm water of the lagoon. Enjoy the ultimate luxury by staying in an overwater villa. Relax in the jacuzzi on your deck and order room service…its perfect to pamper yourself and feel like royalty.


Sea Plane Flight

Sea Plane Flight
Watch the atolls from up above. Rings of sparkling sand in blue waters will make you marvel at Nature’s creation. Remember to take your camera to capture these sights.
Best time to go: November to April, which are dry months and offer ideal conditions for most activities (except surfing)
Must Pack: Bathing suit, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, hat, camera and SCUBA license

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