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Top Adventure Activities in Dubai

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Dubai, a city that looks straight out of a page of a sci-fic novel, is known as the capital of lifestyle and shopping. However, there are many sides to this emirate and Dubai also loves adventure. The city celebrates its desert landscapes and coastal beauty in the most stirring of ways. Here are some adventure activities which you can enjoy in Dubai.

Best time to visit Dubai: The best time to visit Dubai for outdoor activities would be the winter months of November to March, where you will enjoy azure skies and ideal beach weather. This season also coincides with the Dubai Shopping Festival, the next one which will be held from 26th December 2017 to the 28th of January 2018.

1) Sky DivingSky diving in Dubai

Jump off a plane and float thousands of feet above the ground. If that is what you have been dreaming of for ages, then Dubai is the perfect venue to try your hand at doing it. Soar above the landmarks of this fascinating city with a tandem skydiving session that you are going to talk about for the rest of your life. You need to get in touch with the operators and book it in advance, after fulfilling certain criteria.

What it will cost: For a skydiving jump (tandem) you will need to pay 2000 Dirhams.

Timings: This thrilling freefall experience is available from Thursdays to Mondays from 5 AM to 10 AM, depending on the weather.

2) Sand Dune BashingSand dune Bashing in Dubai

Strap yourself onto a sturdy SUV and go off-road on the famed sands of Dubai in this sand dune bashing experience. These specialized vehicles have been customized to negotiate light sands. You can also hop on to a dune buggy or quad bike and go crazy on the Arabian landscape. Safety equipment will be included as part of these dune bashing tours. This activity is also a great way to see the arid and desolate landscape of the region. These excursions usually come with a relaxing session in a desert camp.

What it will cost: Different providers offer different rates for this day-time activity.

Timings: You can enjoy dune bashing any time from 8 AM to 9 PM every week.

3) Flyboardingflyboarding in Dubai

When in Dubai, you can take part in one of the newest and craziest water activities. Flyboarding is taking the world by storm and Dubai is the best place to enjoy this experience. Basically, you need to stand on a board connected to a high-power water jet and pipe and then get propelled as you try to balance on these giant tentacle-like projections coming out of the water. It is like skateboarding on water, but much more fun.

Where: You will need a reservation for this activity, which takes place in the Marine Creek Club.

What it will cost: This is a daytime activity, and a 30-minute session would cost around 430 Dirhams (AED).

Timings:  Flyboarding can be done anytime between 10 AM to 5 PM.

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4) Jetpack AdventureJetpack Adventure in Dubai

Dubai’s marine landscape is a playground for many adventure activities, and yet another one on that list is jet-packing. This unique and fun activity involves you launching 30 feet above the water like a rocket, with the help of a specifically designed harness, a long pipe and lots of water pressure.

A 30-minute session is more than enough to get used to the different dynamics and range of action of this sport. There will be professional supervision at all times, and you will also get expert instructions. Safety equipment is also provided.

Where: Head over to the Ritz Carlton JBR for this exciting day-time activity.

What it will cost: This experience would cost you round about 400 Dirhams.

Timings: The first bookings are usually for 10 AM until around 5 PM.

5) Ferrari WorldFerrari World Abu Dhabi Dubai

Just an hour’s drive from the city center Ferrari World is a heaven for adventure and automobile enthusiasts. Themed around the famous car-maker, the biggest attractions of this venue include:

  • The Formula Rossa, which is the world’s fastest roller coaster, allowing you to tap the thrill seeker in you and enjoy an adrenaline charged ride.
  • Family rides like the virtual Made in Maranello tour that allows you to view the precision and engineering behind Ferrari’s automobiles.
  • The Speed of Magic 4D ride that gives you an immersive experience that includes visual and real-time effects.
  • Driving Experience where you can learn how it feels to ride a Ferrari car, something any automobile fan would have always dreamt of at some point.

The Fiorano GT Challenge is another thrilling ride at this world-famous theme park. The amusement park spreads over 8 hectares, and there are many more attractions to enjoy.

What it will cost: A 1-day park pass will cost around AED 275. There are multiple ticket options including flexible date tickets. Discounts are given on more advanced booking for fix date tickets.

Timings: The daily timings are 11 AM to 8 PM.

6) Flying FishFlying Fish in Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the most eclectic water activities and the Flying Fish has to rank up there. In this really fun experience, you and your travel companion need to strap yourself to an inflatable boat and get tugged by a speed boat until you are gliding above the waters, like a kite. Aside from the adrenaline rush, you will also get to gaze at Dubai’s enigmatic skyline from this vantage point above the sea. Professional supervision, safe equipment and detailed instructions are part of the experience.

What it will cost: The cost for one person for a 15-minute ride will be around 230 Dirhams (AED).

Timings: The timings for the Flying Fish are subject to availability.

The city of Dubai is ground breaking in many ways. Its architecture challenges the boundaries of the discipline, and its sands and waters are home to a large number of exciting new adventures.

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