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Hollywood movies sure do give us goals when it comes to water sport activities, especially surfing. Now many of us may not have heard of Indian surfers as such, but contrary to what we think, surfing spots in India are a hit amongst foreigners and locals alike. Here is a list of 10 Indian surfing spots for you to ride the waves:

1)     Goasurfing in Goa India

This may not be a shocker since; Goa seems to be a famous destination for all fun water activities in India. Surfing is definitely not left out amongst the vast number of other activities that the state provides. There are innumerable surf clubs across Goa that help beginners as well as experienced individuals to get well acquainted with the Arabian sea’s waves.


Where: Banana Surf Club, SurfWala, Arambol beach


Best Time: November to May


Cost: Rs.2500 onwards p.p.


Duration: Starting from 1-2 hours to a 6-day course


2)    Gokarna

surfing in gokarna

Gokarna is slowly becoming a popular destination for all beach lovers. The beauty of the place is not just limited to its surroundings but also extents to its clear blue water. The Gokarna Main Beach is a famous hotspot for surfers and provides the perfect waves for beginners. There is only one Surf Club in Gokarna, so be sure to contact them beforehand.


Where: Cocopelli Surf Club


Best Time: October to May


Duration: Starting from 1-2 hours to a 6-day advance course


3)    Keralasurfing in kerala

One may be surprised at the various number of things Kerala has to offer. Surfing in Kerala is, in fact, gaining increasing popularity and is a paradise for all surfing enthusiasts. Kovalam is the best place in Kerala for you to try out surfing. This small town relies heavily on surfing for their income and cherishes the beauty of the ocean in all its essence.


Where: Kovalam Surf Club


Best Time: October-April


Cost: Rs.1500 p.p. onwards (per lesson)


Duration: Roughly, 4-5 lessons for 2 hours each


4)   PuducherrySurfing in Pondicherry india

Pondicherry may be one of the few exotic beach locations in India, but it is certainly not new to the whole surfing experience. There are many people, who flock to Pondicherry with their surfboards to have a great time. The surf school here has quite a few options to choose from, and makes you come back for more!


Where: Kalliallay Surf School


Best Time: October-June


Cost: Rs.1000 p.p. onwards (in a group)


Duration: About 1-2 hours to 10 days depending on your preference


5)    Vishakhapatnam

LOnely Surfers Vizag India
Credit: Lonely Surfers Surf School

Credit:Lonely Surfers Surf School

This is another beach side destination, but with far less tourists. Vizag may not be your top vacation choice, but if you want a memorable surfing vacation, you may want to rethink that. Waves in Vizag are much subtler, providing the perfect chance for you to start out your surfing experience. What’s more? Vizag’s beach is within the city and is perfect if you aren’t too willing to travel long hours to learn surfing.


Where: Lonely Surfers


Best Time: December-May


Duration: 3 hours to 5 days depending on the preference


6)   Puri

Surfingyogis puri

For those of you wondering what a religious town is doing on this list, know that Puri is the land of yoga and surfers alike. In fact, the beach is mostly uneventful and doesn’t attract a lot of tourists save for some pilgrims. The waves are an absolute delight for all those who love surfing and the water stretches till as far as the eye can see.


Where: Surfing Yogi


Best Time: November-April


Duration: 1 to 2 day(s) workshops


7)     Manapad Pointsurfer

Manapad, Tamil Nadu is probably the best coastline for wave formations in south-east India. It is a natural surfing site in India and an absolute thrilling place for all surfers. Of course, surfing isn’t the only water sport to enjoy, Manapad is a feast for all water sport junkies offering snorkeling, surf paddling & scuba diving as well.


Where: Manapad Surf Resort


Best Time: May to September


Duration: Flexible


8)   Mulki

Mantra surf club, Mulki

Another delight from Karanataka, this small town near Mangalore is ideal for you if you want to experience the Ashram life with a bit of fun! Mulki offers many adventure sport activities like hiking, body boarding, wakeboarding & surfing. If being surrounded by greenery and beaches sounds like an ideal vacation destination, this this is the place to be. Be prepared though, the ashram life is no easy one.


Where: Mantra Surf Club, Ashram Surf Retreat


Best Time: October-May


Cost: Rs.2200 p.p. per day


Duration: Flexible


9)   Little Andamans

Indian surfer Andamans

Andamans are definitely India’s top destination for all adventure enthusiasts. Surfing in Andamans is not a unique concept, in fact there are various local agents as well as a few professional ones who offer surfing opportunities to tourists. Little Andamans is a small Island, filled with great surfing spots like Jackson creek, Butler Bay etc. You can reach little Andamans by boarding a ferry from Port Blair.


Where: Surfing Little Andaman


Best Time: September-May


Cost: Rs1000 onwards p.p.


Duration: 1 day to one week


 10) Varkala

surfing in kerala

Kerala just never fails to surprise us. Varkala is located a few kilometers away from Trivandrum, and is just another place where you can lose yourself in meditation, spas and a perfect retreat. Surfing in Varkala is quite popular, not only amongst adults but children too. There are special surf lessons given to children and thus, it makes for a perfect holiday getaway.


Where: Soul & Surf


Best Time: October-May


Duration: lessons are available for a duration of 3 days and 6 days


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  1. One of the best experience of my life was when I traveled to Goa. It was really a unique experience among all other places which I visited in Goa. The most amazing part of the tour was doing Parasailing, body boarding, scuba diving in Goa. Thank u sea water sports for making my trip memorable.

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