Tips on Solo Travel and Why you must go solo – now!

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People who love to travel alone, often refer to their trip as an unique experience. The thrill of exploring new surroundings, free from the whims and fancies of a travelling companion, can be a revelation in itself.


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With a little bit of planning and common sense, the perils of loneliness and safety related issues can easily be overcome. By travelling solo, you have the right to do as you only please, and your mistakes are your own doing, without having to own up to anybody. Solo travel allows you to grow physically, mentally and even spiritually. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone, more than once, but you will shine eventually as you overcome all hurdles on your own. This will make you more confident to tackle situations back home and throughout your life.

Travelling solo makes you more approachable, thereby meeting other people while travelling is not only inevitable but an integral part of your journey. This means you are not alone most of the time and making friends constantly on the go.


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Join solo travel communities and events where you can meet people as soon as you reach a new country. Chances are, you will already find a friend in the city you plan to visit (virtually) before even reaching there. Sites like Travel buddy, Meetups and Couch surfing offer these options, along with several Facebook groups.

Don’t plan too much. It can just so happen that you find a new travel companion and tag along for a different adventure altogether. Often you will hear about a great city while travelling so if you have open plans, you can easily head off without feeling stuck to a destination.



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Since you are alone, you have to manage your own luggage at all times, so travel light, preferably with a cool carry-on. Always keep copies of your passport, credit card, birth certificate, ID and other important documents on you. Leave one copy at home, and keep another copy inside your carry bag, away from the originals. If something gets misplaced or stolen, these will be of invaluable help.

Finally, grasp a few important words of the local language. They will come in handy when you need food or are looking for a comfort stop. More importantly, you can learn to greet people and ask for help in an emergency.

That’s it, now you can travel solo and be smart and safe while you are at it!

Author: Jyotsna Ramani

Jyotsna is a passionate globetrotter who loves to explore offbeat locales and inspires others to do the same. Traveling solo, enjoying new adventures, trying local cuisines are all part of her escapades. Follow in her footsteps as she takes on the world – one country at a time.

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