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The Sun-drenched golden sands, salty yet pleasant breezes, iconic masterpieces, some crafted by man and natural some, Sydney is a place that welcomes the adventurous backpacker, the curious traveller or the marvelling reveller with equal zest.

With ample things to do in this glitzy, ocean-grazed city, one may wonder, “How much Sydney could you pack into one day?” Well, the word-charmer, commentator and journalist, Harsha Bhogle sends a list of a few Sydney attractions on our way through the series #AustraliaDiaries.


BridgeClimb on the Harbour Bridge: Scale heights anew at Sydney

While visiting in Sydney, enjoy yourself with stunning views of the city from the summit even as you soak in the thrill of a BridgeClimb on the Harbour Bridge. Armed with protective jumpsuits, safety gear, under the vigil of trained people, feel the adrenaline rush as you go across the bridge to dizzying heights or if inclined, marvel at the massive structure from within. Open from dawn to night, you could climb as a group, or follow a path on your own at this must-visit, for, this is, as Harsha Bhogle mentions “One of the great views of the world!”


Harbour Bridge: Dock awhile at the Sydney Harbour

Known to be the world largest natural harbour and home/host for the Great Barrier reef, one of the most definitive structures in the cityscape is the Harbour Bridge a.k.a the Giant Coathanger which came into being first and you can view from here, it’s younger “cousin”, the Opera House – together what Harsha Bhogle terms as “One of the great combos”


Exclusive? Not the Sydney Opera House

Opera House
Wiping of the notion of the “exclusivity” of performances on the stages at the Sydney Opera House, Harsha Bhogle mentions that is a revelation of sorts that there are some that are open to all. Beneath the quirky architectural design and excellent engineering are six theatres with varying seating capacities. So, you could enjoy a show put up by performing artists. By the way, did you know that this architectural masterpiece, now a UNESCO world heritage site, was largely paid for by a State Lottery?

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Is it a bird? It is a Seaplane!

Gaze at scenic sights while the plane glides above the sparkling ocean waters lapping the shores of one of the world’s great cities and harbours. As the sea plane lifts off smoothly, it will give you a picturesque, bird’s eye view of some or all of Sydney must-see’s. Even as you catch glimpses of the city itself in all its glory from amidst the clouds, prepare to go speechless, spellbound and happy.


A feast for your taste buds

Be treated to the likes of royalty as you dine fine at the grandiose of restaurants, grab a quick, solo bite at any of the fast food joints or sip a drink with friends at any of the pubs by the harbour side. No matter which of these attractions of Sydney you wish to explore, there are options aplenty when it comes to restaurants and food in Sydney.

Regardless of your budgets or plans, these are few experiences you probably should add to things to do in Sydney. The ones you just cannot miss. Go ahead, pack your bags, head out to explore – simple pleasures and awesome experiences at Sydney await you! Book your Sydney Holiday Package on GoFro to have a fun-tastic trip!

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