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A city with some of the best restaurants and nightspots in the world and many of Australia’s most important and beautiful landmarks, Melbourne is a bucketful of experiences and more. Here is a list which will help you figure out what to do in Melbourne.

Shrine of Remembrance


Located in Kings Domain, the Shrine of Remembrance is one of Australia’s most important monuments. Dedicated initially to the Australians who served in WW1, the shrine now acts as a memorial to those who were part of all the conflicts that involved Australia.

Timings: 10AM to 5PM

Phillip Island


While visiting Melbourne, a trip to Phillip Island is always on the cards. Home to a racing circuit, trips here will reward you with beautiful sunset views. You will also be enamored by adorable penguins and seals that reside in this island.

Timings: Perfect for Day Trips

Port Campbell National Park


Off the coast of Melbourne, the Port Campbell National park has captivated many visitors with its stunning geographic features like cliffs and many off shore rock formations. Some of the species found here are pelicans, Southern emus, penguins and many more.

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Yarra Valley


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The beautiful Yarra valley is the region that lies on both sides of the Yarra River and is a favourite getaway spot for the people of Melbourne. Home to a large farming community, some of the main attractions here are the vineyards, which produce high quality chardonnay, pinot noir and sparkling wine.

State Library Victoria


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Opened in 1856, the State Library is one of the most recognizable buildings in Melbourne. With statues, an elegant façade and grassy lawns, this is a great place to see the locals unwind, especially during the lunch hours. The heritage building is one of many that give Melbourne its identity.

Timings: 10AM to 9PM Monday to Thursday, 10AM to 6PM Friday to Sunday

St. Paul’s Cathedral


A must-see in Melbourne, the St. Paul’s Cathedral is a 19th century landmark of the city and its Gothic revival architecture is one of the most acclaimed amongst Australia’s heritage attractions. With beautifully decorated interioirs that include Venetian glass mosaics, the Cathedral offers a tranquil space in this buzzing cityscape.

Awe inspiring and friendly, Melbourne represents Australia in so many ways. As you discover the many layers of this city, you will never run out of things to do in Melbourne.

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