Things to Pack for a Beach Holiday                                                            

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You’ve waited all year for it. It’s time to escape to the perfect beach holiday. The sun, sand and surf await you in paradise where relaxing is the only agenda.

Before you take off, make sure you have a few essentials in place. Here are 10 things to pack for your beach holiday.


Sunscreen is an absolute must for every beach holiday. You need to protect yourself against the sun, which can be harmful. Sunscreen will protect your skin from burning and prevent you from looking like a lobster! We recommend choosing a sunscreen that is SPF30 or higher. Also, don’t forget to re-apply sunscreen every time you go in and out of the water.

Flip Flops

You can’t walk on the sand in anything other than flip flops. Cool and comfortable, they’re perfect for both walking and protecting your feet from the sand, which can get so hot that walking barefoot on it may burn your soles. Be smart and keep your flip flops on!

Swim Wear

You obviously can’t get in to the water fully clothed so swimwear is of paramount importance for any beach holiday. Get a style that you’re comfortable in and don’t be afraid to show skin whether in a bikini or Speedos. Channel the Pamela Anderson or David Hasselhoff in you!  .


Beach Bag

You need something to put all your stuff in when heading to the beach and a durable beach bag is just the thing. Ideally made of synthetic materials and inexpensive is the way to go since it’s something that you’ll be flopping all over the place and also getting wet. Think rough and tough use.

Sun Hat

Protect your head, face and eyes with an oversized sun hat that’s both practical and fashionable. If you’re not used to being out in the sun or are prone to headaches or heat stroke, you need to safeguard against the sun directly beating down on you.

Cotton Clothing
With tropical climates being high in humidity, the only clothing that’ll keep you cool is cotton. Lightweight and breathable t-shirts, shorts, summer dresses, tunics and capris make for stylish beachwear that can be dressed up or down.

Snorkeling Kit

Snorkeling is a fun way to explore the underwater world especially in clear waters. Relatively inexpensive, invest in a basic snorkeling kit complete with a snorkeling mask and fins. Always be prepared because you wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing colorful marine life.

Waterproof Cases & Gadgets
One inadvertent move and your phone or camera could be an unfortunate victim of drowning in the watery abyss. Keep your gadgets protected in waterproof cases to avoid any casualties. Better yet, look at buying waterproof gadgets for added peace of mind!


There’s something about a beach that relaxes you instantly. May be it’s the sight of the soothing water in the horizon or the feeling of the sand between your toes. Sit back on a deck chair, order a fancy umbrella cocktail, put your earphones & drift away to your happy place.

Author: Devika Khosla

With the inability to sit still, she’s always going ‘somewhere’. Foodie, spa junkie, animal lover and traveler. That’s Devika’s story.

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