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Things To Do in Krabi

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Nestled in the Andaman coastline, Krabi is fast growing as a popular beach destination. It is home to limestone karsts, mangrove forests, pristine beaches, spectacular wildlife and boasts of a wonderful underwater world. There are a wide variety of beaches, the pace is unhurried, and locals are friendly and welcoming. While we help you chalk your itinerary to close in on the must-see places in Krabi, make sure that you make your bookings on time.

Best time to visit: With just two seasonal spells – dry and rainy, round the year, the ideal time to visit is January until late March to enjoy the clear skies, glistening waters and a moderate crowd.

Getting there: Krabi enjoys good connectivity by car and bus from Bangkok. There is no direct connectivity by train to Krabi, but you could take a train to Surat Thani Railway Station and then head to Krabi by road. Thai Airways, Thai Air Asia, Nok Air, and Bangkok Airways operate numerous flights to Krabi, every day.

Now that we have zeroed in the place for our expedition let us dig into the beach province to catch a glimpse of the main attractions:

1) 7 Island Sunset tourskrabi sunset tour

A noon to dusk activity, book yourself onto the sunset tours to the islands around Krabi. Some of the popular islands dotting this area include:

  • Poda
  • Tup Islets
  • Chicken Island
  • Koh Si
  • Koh Tan Ming

Also, watch a spectacular sunset in the Andaman Sea on a 6-hour tour by long tail boat from Krabi. Feast on an authentic barbecue dinner far from the hustle and bustle of the mainland.

Timings: The tour starts around 2 PM and runs up till 9 PM.

Activity Price: Around 3000 THB depending on the package

2) Railay Beaches and CavesRailay beach Krabi

Glittering white sand, crystal clear waters and tropical climate of Railay Beach are quite an idyllic sight to enjoy. What sets it apart is the limestone caves and mighty cliffs which bite out of the sea like incisor teeth. Enjoy a long boat ride to soak in the ethereal beauty.

Timings: The boats generally ply from early morning at 6 AM until evenings till 4 PM.

Activity Price: Starts at about 2400 THB per person and increases depending on the package chosen

3) Assimilate the scenery at Koh Lanta National Marine ParkKoha lanta Marine National Park

Koh Lanta National Marine Park & Koh Phi Phi look like scenes straight out of a picture postcard. The 15 islands here are characterised by white bays, limestone cliffs, and interiors that are ripe with banyan trees and jungle. The wildlife here is worthy of a micro safari. Monitor lizards, wild pigs, langur monkeys and flying lemurs call this area their home.

Timings: The Park opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 6 PM.

Activity Fee: Adults: 200 THB; Kids: 100 THB

4) Thung Teao Natural ParkBlue emerald at Thung Teao National park

Fabled beauty and ethereal landscapes are two apt phrases used to describe this park. Dense greenery, deep emerald-coloured waters, wildlife, a stunning waterfall in the middle of the Natural Park gives off the surrealistic charm. This park is a photographer’s paradise to capture nature’s glory at its best.

Timings: The Park is open from 6 AM until 6 PM.

Activity Fee: Adults: 200 THB; Kids: 100 THB

5) Venture into the Diamond CavesDiamond Caves in Krabi

Are you a lover of the costliest mineral known to man? If yes, head to Diamond Caves, 15 minutes from Ao Nang. This trio of caverns gets its name from the way the rocks glint and are a very popular tourist spot.

Timings: The caves can be accessed from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Activity Fee: Adults: 40 THB; Kids: 20 THB

6) Soak in Klong Thom’s hot springsKrabi hot springs

Ditch the new age spa treatment for The Klong Thom Hot springs, an hour’s drive from Ao Nang. Nature’s answer to the hot tub, they are formed when thermal water from underground springs funnels up to fill potholes in volcanic rock. A visit here is a natural remedy for all your aches and pains.

Timings: The hot springs are open from 7 AM up to 5 PM.

Activity price: From 90 THB to 200 THB depending on the package chosen

7) Try Sea Kayakingsea kayaking

This is one of the best ways to explore the Krabi coast. Sea kayaks can take you into mangroves, through river canyons, and into tidal lagoon tunnels. It’s more fun than going on a normal speedboat and gives you a closer and much rawer glimpse into nature’s wildlife.

Timings: The Sea kayaking tour starts around 8 AM up to 5 PM.

Activity Price: Between 600 THB to 2500 THB depending on the package.

8) Dive at Ao Nangwater activites at Ao nang

Life under the sea is a fascinating sight with different kind of species, coral reefs, and plants making it a panoramic view. With more than 200 species of fish and 80 different types of coral life, Ao Nang is a pulse point for dive trips.

Timings: Diving is allowed during the daylight hours, so seek thrills mainly during 8 AM until 5 PM.

Activity Price: From 4900 THB to 32000 THB depending on the expertise and package chosen.

9) Embracing divinityTiger caves krabi

A labyrinth of stone caves, Wat Tham Sua—also known as Tiger Cave—is a remarkable place to visit in Krabi. Sitting within the thick and high jungles, these caves house many temples and pilgrims where you will come across many relics and icons depicting the lives and beliefs of the religion.

Timings: The caves are open to the public from 12 AM to 12 PM.

Activity Price: Entry is free

10) Star Attraction – Khao Khanap NaamKhao Kha Nap Nam mountains

Khao Khanap Nam are two mountains in the beach that sit on both banks of the Krabi River. Prepare to be mesmerized by its amazing caves, adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. A boat ride is the only way to get to this iconic landmark from the mainland.

Timings: The caves are open 24 hours a day.

Activity Price: A tour of the caves costs 30 THB per person

11) Exploring the Krabi townKrabi town

Krabi town still retains its ancient, old-world charm and has most of its past glory still intact. It has managed to retain a quaint blend of simplicity and modernity in its ethos. Take a walk down the promenade to get a taste of the local food and culture while absorbing the scintillating views of the natural landscape and water.

Timings: You can explore the town 24 hours a day.

Activity Price: Free

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