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As a child, I remember those heads; carved out on giant rocks on an island in the Pacific Ocean. The images are still very clear in my memory. Easter Island left quite an impression on my mind. Those Easter Island heads, known as the Moai, were built by the Rapa Nui people, somewhere in the time frame of the 13th-16th century. Even now, one of the mysteries surrounding those giant heads is how those heads were moved in the island terrains and settled in their resting places.  Some say, the statues walked, animated by magic.

The world in my head, however, drowned with questions. Why were those statues built in the first place? Were there aliens who wanted to establish a colony on our planet but later failed to do so? Every time I read about it, I was transported to this world in my head, the world that believed in supernatural theories.

Fast forward to many years later, I was sitting on a bus that was going through lush green meadows.



I knew I was going to be transported again, to my world; as soon as I set my eyes on the giant rocks in Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England. Stonehenge

As I got down from the bus and was made to join the queue that goes around the structure, I was handed over an audio recording. The Stonehenge was built in phases. The first stage comprised of a ditch, bank and holes, built around 3100 BC. After this, the Stonehenge was left untouched for about 1000 years. In the second phase, which started around 2150 BC, the Bluestones were transported to the site. These stones were arranged in the center to form an incomplete double circle. The next stage, around 2000 BC, comprised of more stones being brought in and slowly arranged in an outer circle. It was only after 1500 BC that the current arrangement (horseshoe and circle) was erected. This was what the audio recording said, in summary.

I listened, but my mind was further away from this. My fellow traveler, instead, refused to listen to the audio provided at the site as he did not wish to be influenced by available theories. And in the process of walking around those giant rocks, we took not 1 but 3 rounds, lost in our own heads.

Was the Stonehenge a launch pad for alien spaceships? Why was the English island chosen to be their landing spot, if at all? And what happened, that made them abandon the project?Sronehedge in Easter Islands

My head was filled with questions again; as I sat on the bus, back to my hotel.

One of the most famous landmarks in the world, the Stonehenge is regarded as a British Cultural icon; but that’s not it. Known for well- preserved castles, the royal family, the industrial revolution and a splendid rich heritage, UK, with approximately, one-fifth the population of US, will surely charm you with its British manners and accent. While the weather on this island might not make you feel confident about your attire before stepping out, this country has a lot to offer in terms of its heritage and beauty.

As for me, the Easter Island still remains on my bucket list. And this time, I plan to stay there long enough till I get some answers to my questions.


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