Scandinavian Trails: Dazzling Denmark

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Continuously featured on the lists of ‘most-livable’ and ‘happiest country’, Denmark is a place where you can definitely transport back to your childhood fairy-tale land. Unlike it’s other two Scandinavian counterparts, Denmark doesn’t boast of high mountains and glaciers. However, you will surely be amazed by the amazing architectural marvels, royal castles and pristine beaches. If you’re a foodie, then we’re sure you’re not going to be disappointed by the amazing Danish pastries and delicacies offered here. Denmark is a perfect vacation destination, read on to know more about this historic place.


Denmark is an archipelago, and thus only borders Germany in the south. Situated north of Germany, Denmark lies in Northern Europe and is a part of Scandinavia.

Culture & TraditionHygge

Much like Sweden and Norway, Denmark is also an egalitarian country, despite being a constitutional monarchy. The best part about Denmark is its simplistic and easy-going culture. Happiness is an integral part of Danish culture, which is why it continuously features as one of the ‘happiest country in the world’. The Danish have a special term for the feeling of contentment and spending time with loved ones, which is called ‘hygge’. Hygge is an essential part of the culture in Denmark, where society is as important as personal space. Enjoy every essence of Danish culture and cuisine on your visit to this beautiful country!

Places to Visit: We understand that planning a holiday (especially one to Europe) can be a bit tedious, to cut off on the time, we’ve compiled a list of places you should visit on your trip to Denmark.

  • Skagen, North JutlandSkagen

Visit the topmost town in Denmark to enjoy a peaceful vacation near the sea. The town holds a rich cultural and artistic history, and has multiple museums to showcase the spectacular work of the artists that resided here. To top it all, if you’re a fan of seafood, this place should definitely be on your list. Do try their Toast Skagen, for a different experience of the dish, Caviar.

Things to See: Skagen’s Museum, Eagle World, Skagen Fyr and Grenen

  • Ringkobing, West JutlandRingkobing

Dive into an extraordinary experience by visiting the old market town of Ringkobing. The town provides one with a fun-filled vibe, true to the Danish term of ‘hyggen’. This small town also has some yummy delights to offer and is definitely a picturesque location for your Instagram stories. The beautiful houses and the Old Town area with the church provide for some great sights. This old market town is full of life, and has a lot to offer from ecological parks to hiking trails to old architectural wonders.

Things to See: Ringkobing Church, Kobmand Harpoths Gard, Skaven Beach, Bork Havn

  • Haderslev, South JutlandHaderslev in Denmark

Perfect for a summer/fall vacation, Haderslev in the southern part of Denmark was an old trading town. If you’re looking for a relaxed and laid-back holiday, then this town is just perfect for you. Rich in its cultural heritage, Haderslev is famous for its arts, historical significance and delicacies. Visit the castle for a Middle Age experience, relax by the beach for a chilled out day or just go on a yacht to experience luxury. Don’t miss out on watching the Night Watchmen while touring the town!

Things to See: Haderslev Cathedral, Mollestrommen, Boat trip on Helene, Gram Castle

  • Kerteminde, North FunenKerteminde

A small town located in the Fynn are of Denmark, Kerteminde was seemingly an artist’s haven. Apart from being rich in art and culture, Kerteminde is also the only place to experience the Viking lifestyle in Denmark’s Fynn. The Ladby Ship is a famous tourist attraction, as it is the only ship grave in Denmark from the Viking period. Kerteminde as a town is full of natural beauty and is ideal for all types of travelers who wish to seek natures company. Another famous landmark of the town that should be on your list is the Amanda Statue, that symbolizes Kerteminde’s bubbly and loving daughters.

Things to See: The Amanda Statue, Male beach, Rudolf Mathis Restaurant, Marslev Church

  • Bornholm IslandBorholm Island

The easternmost island in Denmark is located right in the Baltic sea, and has some stupendous sights to watch out for. Perfect for a beachy summer vacation, enjoy the white beaches with a mix of old heritage in the form of round churches and quaint fishing villages. Known for its delectable cuisine, the smoked fish offered in this island is said to be one of the best in all of Scandinavia. If you want to catch hold of a panoramic view of the islands’ neighbors and the sea, then head over to the Hammershus castle, largest in Northern Europe.

Things to See: Hasle, Hammershus Castle, Sanctuary Cliffs, Bornholm’s Ceramic Museum

How to get There?

Denmark like other Scandinavian countries, lies in Northern Europe and borders Germany. You can save on your travel by taking a direct Air India operated flight to Copenhagen from Delhi. Another option is to take a flight to Berlin and then take the EuroRail from there.

Visa for Indians

For Indians, the Schengen Visa is required to enter all Scandinavian countries. Its advised to apply at least a month and a half in advance from the date of travelling as the visa can take up to 3-4 weeks to process.

Best Time to Visit

Since Denmark is not as snowy as the other two Scandinavian countries, it is visited almost all year round. However, if you want to enjoy the beaches and islands fully, the time period between early June- Late August is perfect with long summer days and just a slight breeze in the air.



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