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With the ever-changing face of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman poised on its edge makes for quite a refreshing reminder of the seemingly bygone era. The most spectacular sceneries and the age-old cultural traditions remain intact and undiluted, despite development slowly inching across its landscapes. Oman is the best country to experience every aspect of traditional Arabia. Lazy moving palm trees and colourful fishing boats dot the shorelines of Oman, while the earthen villages nestle into the expansive date plantations and remote valleys.

Visiting Oman would mean gawking at the rocky chains of majestic mountains and exploring the rocky wadis and canyons. Every part of this location is mesmerising including its wind-drawn dunes and inland deserts. Oman also has its fair share of the modern world where in parts of the country the feel of contemporary is quite obvious.


The Expansive Sands of Wahiba

The Expansive Sands of Wahiba
Although many travellers have overlooked Oman, its many-faceted landscapes cannot be compared to any other across the world, making it a must-visit destination on your travel bucket list. Desert lovers and adventure seekers will enjoy the Wahiba Sands with its all-encompassing rough terrain and fluctuating temperatures. The colours of the sands vary from red to dark honey. Go sand driving across these rolling sand dunes and turn it into a day to remember. You can even stop and have a delicious meal with the Bedouin family while in these sprawling sand havens.


The grand mosque of Sultan Qaboos

The grand mosque of Sultan Qaboos
Pick a window seat on your flight to Oman just to see this architectural wonder from the sky. The Sultan Qaboos Mosque is considered to be the 3rd largest across the globe and is quite the shining beacon, which lights up the entire city skyline of Muscat. With a golden-lit grand dome that is 50 metres above the ground, the mosque beholds quite a spectacular sight with the clear nights in the backdrop. The planet’s second largest hand-woven Persian carpet, five gorgeous minarets and a fourteen-meter Swarovski chandelier are featured in this mosque.


The contemporary Royal Opera House

The contemporary Royal Opera House
Nestled in the centre of Shatih-Al-Qurum, the beautiful Muscat Royal Opera House is the rightful example of Omani architecture in the contemporary sense. Its white marble portico is elegantly lit up with a golden yellow light every evening, making it a wondrous sight to experience. When in Oman, a visit to the Opera House is a must to revel in the magical performances that have taken place over the years.


The Jebel Shams of Nizwa

Situated over 280km from Muscat, the Jebel Shams of Nizwa are a popular tourist spot in Oman. At about 9000 feet above sea level, the location experiences cold winters with an occasional snowfall. These ‘Mountains of the Sun’ are excellent for the adventurer in you, as you hike through while enjoying its varying temperatures. After the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Jebel Shams is considered to play home to the 2nd largest canyon in the world. It is the perfect location for going on a trek or to camp below the clear desert nights.


The glorious Bahla Fort

After a very long meticulous restoration process, the Bahla Fort was one again opened to welcome visitors to experience its wonderful past. It plays home to numerous nooks and crannies that add to the joy of being discovered, making a visit to this mesmerising fort an intriguing one. Even today, the magical walled city of Bahla carries stories and mysteries from its colourful past. Located within 30kms from Niswa, the Bahla Fort is a must-visit on your Oman travel list.

With so much to offer, Oman can be considered to be the hidey-hole of the Gulf’s rich Arabic tradition. GoFro can help you plan the best vacation to this country by including places that will leave you baffled and stories that will keep you hooked for ages.

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