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Perfect Family Vacation in Abu Dhabi

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The Middle East is definitely a go-to-destination for most family holidays. And on the top of the list of selected countries comes The UAE. Well, Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, certainly has a ton to offer when it comes to family vacations and fun activities. Check out our list of 6 family-friendly activities that you definitely mustn’t miss on your family vacation in Abu Dhabi.

1)Ferrari WorldFerrari World

If you’re travelling with kids, then there’s no better place than to visit the Ferrari World for a memorable and absolutely lovely time! Your kids are sure to be enthralled by the vast variety of different Ferraris on display and the great Ferrari Museum, that gives you various insights into Enzo Ferrari’s journey. Make sure to take your kids on a thrilling adventure by riding on the fastest roller coaster in the world in Ferrari World!

Days Open: All Days

Timings: 11AM-8PM

Entry Fee: AED 275

2) Masdar City’s Driverless Car Ride!Masdar City

Masdar city in Abu Dhabi is an environment friendly project wherein everything relies on solar and renewable energy. What attracts tourists most to this site is the project of eco-friendly driverless personal rapid transit that were launched for commuting. This mini 4 seater PRT surely is thrilling, especially for kids. So let the children dive into a free futuristic car experience and be amazed by this new technology!

Days Open: All Days

Timings: 24/7

3) Yas WaterworldYas Waterworld

Which family vacation is complete without a trip to the water park? The UAE is home to various thrilling and fun-tastic waterparks and Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi is one of them! This family-friendly destination is not only brimming with activities but is also a favorite among families for a great time together. The falcon’s ride, a 6-seater raft ride, is perfect for the entire family or sit on the Bandit Bomber, an interactive water roller coaster. If you’re tired and want to just relax, then the various eating outlets present in the water park are happy to be at your service. Make sure to check out the website of Yas Waterworld before going to get an update on the many events and activities there!

Days Open: All Days

Timings: 10AM-7PM

Entry Fee: AED 250

4) Abu Dhabi Falcon HospitalFalcon Hospital

Falcons have been an integral part of the Middle-Eastern culture since an early age and the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital gives you an insight into the lives of a falcon and the art of falconry. The world’s largest and most advanced Falcon hospital, be prepared to be enamored by the falcon display museum and a facility with free-flying falcons present in this hospital. To enjoy the different breeds of falcons to the full, book a guided tour to the hospital that will cover all interesting and essential sights of the place!

Days Open: Sunday to Thursday

Timings; 10AM-2PM

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5) Emirates Park ZooEmirates Park Zoo

The zoo in Abu Dhabi, provides for a complete educational as well as leisure experience for the kids. Aimed at protecting and conserving wildlife, this private zoo has a variety of activities that are buzzling from time to time. You can visit the wide variety of sections including the Flamingo Park, Bird Park, Giraffe Park where you can even feed the giraffes and the Reptile park. Watch the elephant show in the Wildlife park and have a chance to feed the giant animals too! If you want to enjoy some gaming with your kids, then the arcade at the zoo is your place to go. Enjoy a full day with your kids here, in the company of some wild animals and birds!

Days Open: All Days

Timings: 9AM-8PM

Entry Fee: AED 95

6) Al Ain OasisAl Ain Oasis

Al Ain Oasis is UAE’s first curated UNESCO World Heritage site visitor experience. Spread over an enormous 3000 acres, this UNESCO Heritage Site is filled with over 1,40,000 palm trees and contains various plantations which are yet farms! This Oasis has played an important role in UAE’s irrigation system and the eco-centre built inside the site highlights the measures being taken to preserve it. A walk through the Oasis is not only great for basking in nature’s glory and hearing the birds chirping, but also makes one cherish the tranquil and serene moments in life. Enjoy exploring and discovering the site with your kids while visiting Abu Dhabi.

Days Open: All Days

Timings: 8AM-5PM

Entry Fee: AED 150 onwards


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