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Jordan: A cultural paradise

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A delight for the senses, Jordan is an ideal destination for those seeking change from their normal routine life. Jordan’s culture is full of life and quite different from most western nations. At the same time, Jordan is probably more liberal than its other Middle eastern counterparts. Apart from delicious delicacies and beautiful golden sands, Jordan as a country is extremely rich in its history, tradition and culture. One of the oldest settlements in history, Jordan is definitely a place you mustn’t miss out.

Jerash RuinsJerash Ruins

Although dominantly middle eastern, Jordan’s cultural practices include a mix of Mediterranean and Roman influences too. The Jerash ruins of Jordan, is a place that testifies this. One of the oldest Roman ruins, this area is located about 45 km from Amman. The site has been of great interest to many archaeologists and has always been a favorite among tourists.

Petra/Little PetraLittle Petra

Established almost as old as 320 BC, Petra is definitely one of the most visited places in Jordan. One of the New7Wonders of the World, Petra is famous for its architectural brilliance and water conduit system. Towards the north of the main site is Little Petra, which is said to be one of the earliest human village settlements. Remains of the houses and the city walls are still standing today and it’s interesting to note that the site is said to be as old as 7500 BC.

Ajlun CastleAjlun Castle

Dating back to the Byzantine period, the Ajlan area is a great settlement due to its moderate climate and fertile soil. The Ajlun castle is the best preserved monument of Jordan from the 11th century. Initially it served as a protection of the trade routes, presently the castle stands on the hill and provides great panoramic views of the Jordan valley. Be prepared for a labyrinth of passages, huge halls and winding staircases, the Ajlun Castle has them all!

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Roman Theatre, AmmanRoman Theatre in Amman

Unlike many Arab countries, Jordan is a mix of ancient cultures and the Roman Theatre in Amman is an example of just that. This splendid Roman remnant has a seating capacity of 6000 people and more than often, productions are performed here during the summer months of July and August. Built in the 2nd century, the Theatre is a significant part of the Roman inhabitance of Jordan and till date remains a marvel in the eyes of many.

The Dead SeaDead Sea

The lowest point on dry land, the Dead Sea is nearly 400 m below sea level. The high saline level of the Dead Sea makes it naturally have a high rate of buoyancy. It also has many mineral contents that have various health benefits. The Dead Sea is a major health research area and is said be the oldest health resort in time. There’s no doubt a dip into this lake is going to uplift your spirits and your body!

Jordan’s history is said to be as old as time, with various sites and monuments on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the country is surely a cross-over of ancient biblical sites and modern Islamic structures.

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