Jordan: a medley of ancient hues

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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a land of dreams. Jordan has a history punctuated with the struggle for control. But, the standing result of that is a place so rich in heritage and culture that you must visit it at least once in your lifetime.

Visit Amman: The capital of Jordan

The capital of Jordan
Begin your journey from the capital city of Amman, one of the most liberal and westernised of Arab states, that was once known as Philadelphia. A few things in Amman that absolutely must make into your checklist are the Citadel with the famous Hand of Hercules, the ancient Roman Amphitheatre, and the massive complex of King Abdullah Mosque. Also, don’t forget to drop by at the Jordan Museum that houses several important archeological findings including the first human statues ever made.
Tip: Try one of the Jordanian hammam (like the Turkish Hamman’s), where you will experience a series of steam rooms, hot bed, cold water therapy followed by a massage and a wash.

North of Amman: Um Quais and City of Jerash

Um Quais and City of Jerash
Um Quais: After Amman, you would want to pass through Um Quais in the north, that sits at the height of 378 meters from sea level, offering a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee and Tiberius, Golan Heights, and the gorge of Yarmouk River. From here you can also visit the ancient Greek Gadara.
City of Jerash: Just below Um Quais, you have the city of Jerash, famous for its Greco-Roman structures. Keep an eye out for the beautiful embellishments along the walls of these buildings.

South of Amman: Mount Nebo, Dead Sea, Kerak Castle, Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba (these make the list of must visit places in Jordan)

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo
Towards the south of Jordan you’ll find Mount Nebo – an elevated ridge straight out of Bible. Mount Nebo happens to be the place where Moses was granted a vision of the Promised Land.
Tip: On a clear day you can actually behold the city of Jerusalem and the Holy Land from here.

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Dead Sea

Dead Sea
About 30 kilometres below is Dead Sea – the most saline sea on Earth. For all the Hydrophiles, the sea keeps you floating due it’s high saline content. The Dead Sea is an experience you cannot afford to miss.
Tip: Try to Dead Sea mud therapy known to be a great rejuvenator for the skin.

Kerak Castle

Kerak Castle
Further down south you have a gigantic Crusader Castle from prehistoric times known as Kerak Castle. The castle stands out for its expanse and beautiful ornamentations along the interior walls.
Tip: Check out the castle’s stable and kitchen, a sight to remember.


The most famous place in Jordan, Petra, also known as the Rose City of Jordan owing to its pink sandstones is another two hours from Kerak. The narrow passageway called Siq that leads to Petra in itself is a sight to behold. The World Heritage Site is famous for its rock-cut architecture, tombs and water conduits.
Tip: The city is 64 Sq km large, so be sure you have a couple of days to explore one of the wonders of the world.

Wadi Rum Desert

Wadi Rum Desert
After that, make your way to the protected desert of Wadi Rum that has beautiful rock formations including ‘The Seven Pillars of Wisdom’. If you keep an eye out, you’ll find ancient inscriptions all over the rocks.
Tip: As the night falls the clear skies give way to a galaxy of starts, a sight that cannot be explained but experienced.

Gulf of Aqaba

Gulf of Aqaba
The southern part of the Gulf of Aqaba falls in Jordan. Aqaba is also where Jordan meets the Red Sea, which makes this place a special attraction. The clear water makes it perfect for fishing and snorkeling and the empty beach is great for sitting and unwinding in.

And yet, architecture and scenic beauty are not the only things that Jordan has to offer. Jordan has a very distinctive and delectable cuisine that you must try if you’re visiting the place. Make sure you try their Hummus, Falafel, Bana Ghanoush, Masaf (for the meat lovers) and so much more. A true burst of Middle Eastern flavours.
Jordan is a traveler’s paradise. From Red Sea to Dead Sea, Jordan offers an experience that anyone who ever visits will never forget.

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