Honeymoon in Jordan

Your Guide to a Perfect Honeymoon in Jordan

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Magical desert lands, awe-inspiring historic sites and luxurious spas sound ideal for honeymooners, right? Well, you can experience all that & much more on your honeymoon in Jordan. Read on to know more about a perfect honeymoon in Jordan.

Petra by the NightPetra By the Night

You’ve surely heard of the Petra day time adventures. However, if you want to experience this New Wonder of the World fully, then visiting Petra by the night should definitely be on your list. The ancient rock city is lit with candle-lights and a walk from the Siq to the Treasury is surely magical. The Petra Night Show is the best way to visit the city for a more romantic feel to it, and is definitely a must-do for all newlyweds.

The Dead Sea Spa TreatmentDead Sea

Jordan is increasingly gaining popularity amongst the long list of spa-cations. Well, if you and your spouse need a place to relax and just ease your tensions after all the wedding celebrations, then the Dead Sea is your answer. The healing properties of minerals and the salt found in the Dead Sea are ideal to revitalize your skin and contains soothing, healing agents. Check into a Dead Sea Spa Resort or just enjoy the Dead Sea Hammam Ritual for a calm and soothing experience.

The Wonders of AmmanAmman

There is absolutely no doubt that the capital of Amman is full of Jordan’s glory’s. With its rich culture and heritage, Amman is the ideal place to go exploring with your better half. Visit the Temple of Hercules in the Citadel, to go back to the Roman period. Enjoy a panoramic view of the city from here. Visit the Roman theatre and the Odeon Theater to be amazed at the structure of these public performance platforms. If you and your spouse are history lovers, you can also go museum-hopping to learn a thing or two about this old city!

Go All out in AqabaAqaba

Who doesn’t want some beachy moments on their honeymoon, right? Well, Aqaba is the place for you and your sweetheart to enjoy the perfect beach affair. Go snorkeling in the Red Sea or submerge underwater in a submarine, Aqaba offers it all. If you just want to relax and spend some time with your spouse, then just opt for a one-hour sailing experience and enjoy. You can also venture into town and experience the hustle and bustle of the souks with your loved one.

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Explore the old town of MadabaMadaba

Madaba is an ancient city, very close to Amman. Best known for its mosaics, architecture and history, Madaba is definitely a town you don’t want to miss out on. Originally an old Christian town with links to the holy town of Jerusalem, Madaba boasts of a Mosque and a Church standing proudly next to one another.  While visiting the town don’t miss out on bathing in the Hammat Ma’in Hot Springs, the therapeutic water is sure to make you feel calm. If you and your spouse are up for some hiking, do visit Mount Nebo for some splendid views and a visit to the past.

Explore the Bedouin LifeBedouin Camps

Wadi Rum is a definite favorite amongst all in Jordan, the endless desert is spectacular to witness and couple with it some mind blowing rock structures, you have a winner. The local inhabitants of the area, the Beduins are the best guides available. Stay at a Beduin camp to understand the local culture and experience some of the best hikes and canyoning in your life. If you want some quite time together, make the evening romantic by jumping on to a hot air balloon and enjoying the beautiful sunset together.

Shop till you Drop!Amman souvenir shop

It’s always good to pick out a souvenir on your honeymoon to remind you of those memorable moments. Jordan definitely has local shops that attract dozens of tourists daily. The souks in Downtown Amman are ideal for you to buy distinctive handicrafts such as painted eggs, rugs and hand painted pottery. Amman isn’t the only place selling quirky and colorful products, you can also buy things from Wadi Rum and Aqaba. When visiting the area near the Dead Sea, don’t forget to take back some of the natural products from the Dead Sea to reminisce your spa experience!

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