Five must visit Greek Islands

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If you need to rekindle romance in your life, it is time to plan a trip to Greece. Aphrodite’s land will surely make you fall in love all over again. With over 1200 hundred islands, planning a trip to Greece can be quite a task. Every island is unique … some offer a plethora of historical sites with temple ruins while others offer beautiful landscapes. Some islands are pulsating with music at any hour of the day while others are home to some of the finest vineyards in the world. So, as a first time visitor to Greece, which islands should you visit?

Santorini…for the romantic soul:

Santorini…for the romantic soul

The gorgeous island of Santorini is possibly one the most romantic destinations in the world. The white washed houses with the stunning blue domes will cast a spell on you. The stunning sunset will color the sky and take you breath away. Santorini is the perfect place to sip on some wine and whisper sweet nothings to your love.

Mykonos… for the party goer:

Mykonos… for the party goer
The party never stops in Mykonos. It starts at about 11 am on the Paradise Beach, which is rightly called so for a party lover. The party continues till about 10 pm, when shuttle buses arrive to transport the party lovers to the city centre, where the party continues until 5 am to let you dance the night away. It’s the ideal place to let the party animal in you show its true colours.

Paros …for the adventure seeker:

Paros …for the adventure seeker
In Paros, you have the sand between your toes and the wind in your hair…literally! The beaches of the island are blessed generously by the wind Gods and throng with kite surfing enthusiasts. The island offers learning opportunities to newbies as well as hosts an international wind surfing competition in summers.

Milos…for landscape lovers:

Milos…for landscape lovers
The quiet island of Milos is not part of the tourist circuit. Often, it is visited by Greeks and hence, continues to maintian a very local feel. The island is home to the famous Sarakiniko Beach, that is made entire of white pumice rock. The stark white rock contrasts with the azure waters making you marvel at Nature.

Crete…for the entire family:

Crete…for the entire family
Crete is the largest Greek island. The island has something for everyone…the are historical ruins for the history buffs, beaches for sun lovers and night clubs for the party goers. Colourful sourvenir shops line the streets and al-fresco restaurants serve fresh sea food and appetizing salads. If there is only one island that you can visit, the just has to be Crete!

Best time to go: If you like to swim in the sea, the Medditeranean weather in the summer months of July and August is ideal. However, this also means that the islands are crowded with vacationers and prices are sky high. If you like a little bit of peace and quiet, it would be apt to visit the islands during the shoulder season months of June and September.

Transport: The larger and more popular Greek islands like Santorini, Mykonos and Crete are connected by air. The smaller ones are connect by ferries. If you plan to visit the islands during peak season, suggest booking the ferry tickets in advace.


The Greek isles are the perfect place to sample fine sea food from the Mediterranean Sea. Vegetarians need not despair…there are plenty of vegetarian options ranging from tzatziki to mousaka. And then, there are salads …and there is plenty of cheese. Your taste buds are bound to have a good time!

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