Fathers, travel with your kids without the Mommy!

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They say its rude to keep a trip waiting, but what would you do if your spouse can’t go because of other commitments. You go with your child.

I got this brilliant idea from a friend who traveled with his daughter, just the two of them, to Singapore last December. I was keen to try the same setup and the opportunity presented itself when my wife couldn’t go because of a friend visiting her during that time.

So the two of us, father-daughter, set-off to see Dubai, primarily to watch Bryan Adams live in concert. We had been to Dubai before so biwi wasn’t too much upset about it. But this isn’t about her.

We watched the concert, did dune bashing in the desert, went to the Legoland, Ski Dubai, IKEA and more importantly we hung out for meals. We didn’t meet too many people, this wasn’t about them as you see.

Legoland  is an amazing place with decent rides for the young ones. It could be a great outing if you have a number of kids traveling with you. We really loved the Lego City. It was the coolest city around where you can fly a plane, steer a boat, save a burning building or even earn your very own LEGOLAND Driving License!

When visiting Ski Dubai make sure to listen carefully to the trainer during the “March of the Penguins” and if you answer their questions correctly you get to pat the penguins. Be your competitive best.

Here are some things to ensure that her trip experience was kept at the forefront

  • We chose the airline with the best in-flight entertainment.

It wasn’t the cheapest flight, but it was important that the trip starts on a brilliant note. She went through the Bryan Adams playlist to brush up for the concert. While she was busy with her music, I was merrily getting drunk

  • She handled the camera


I wanted her to see this trip later from her lens and not mine. This also ensured that she was always looking out for the next photo op.  She became the fellow-traveller and not just a kid who’s taken on a vacation.

  • A well-fed kid is a happy kid

Fathers could be sometimes ignorant when the next meal is due, but I carried enough stock.

And this trip has helped us getting even closer. We are best-friends now. Its easy to say that you have a brilliant bonding with your kid but you have to get on a trip without the mother to notice the difference in the hug the kid gives you when you come back from office. That slightly tighter hug makes all the difference. Try it!

And the best part of the trip, she not even once said ‘Mumma’. Ok! Just once, but then she wasn’t feeling too good about the heavy dose of Chocolate shake before the desert safari. No one ever cried Papa when feeling sick.


Author: Chandan Mendiratta

Wanted to be an actor/director/producer, became a salesman. Already past the quarter life crisis, waiting for the mid-life one. Loves travelling, lounge food, flight food/drinks or anything about travel. Want to do 12 vacations in a year, one every month.

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