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Cuisine in Abu Dhabi

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Any trip abroad is incomplete without tasting the local food of that place. Since food is region-specific and differs from place to place, it is a must to try out the different cuisines offered when on a holiday! Middle-eastern food has always found a way in India’s heart, and Abu Dhabi being one of the top destinations in the Middle-East has many eating delights to offer. Here are a few recommended dishes in Abu Dhabi that you must taste when holidaying there.

Al HareesAl Harees

A popular dish cooked in the month of Ramadan, Harees is often cooked during special occasions. It looks like a cross between a porridge and a dumpling and is made of ground meat (chicken or lamb) and salt. The meat is soft to taste, but extremely fulfilling at the same time. It often requires a considerable amount of time to cook as it is slow-cooked. You can enjoy this delicacy along with other goodies or as a standalone. Al Harees is often served with ghee.

Al MajboosAl Majboos

Similar looking to our biryani but not quite the same, Majboos is an Arabic rice dish cooked with chicken or lamb. ‘Majboos’ in Arabic means to ‘be engaged’ and surely if you’re to try out this dish, it does justice to the name. This aromatic dish is prepared with slow-cooked chicken and rice that has nuts and all other spices present in it. Perfect for dinner, the dish is pretty heavy on the stomach and can be eaten with or without yogurt.


Considered the national dish of Saudi Arabia, this lavishly prepared dinner dish is a must try for all food enthusiasts. The spiced chicken and rice taste absolutely splendid when mixed with fried almonds and raisins, sprinkled with dried parsley. The dish is enough to feed four people and is often served with a citrusy yogurt sauce.

Al FattoushAl Fattoush

You’ve probably heard of this one before. A common middle-eastern dish, this one is a favorite among all health-lovers. If you don’t want to try heavy and oily food, then the Fattoush salad is just for you. Made of pita crumbs, capsicums, tomatoes, onions and peppers, this salad can be enjoyed with a main dish or just alone if you’re looking for something light and scrumptious.

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Arabic coffee & tea/ QahwaArabic Coffee

A traditional beverage in Arabic culture in which Arabic coffee beans are roasted with a strong smell. More that often, they are combined with cardamom and actually look like tea but tastes fantastic. Arabic tea often has a keen sense of mint in it, and is more often served by the head of the house to the guests. Unlike normal coffee, Arabic coffee is a great way to stay hydrated and served the purpose back in the day when water was scarce.

Umm AliUmm Ali

If you love bread pudding, then you will absolutely fall in love with this dessert. This traditional Emirati dessert is made of pastry, coconut, milk, almonds and raisins. A favorite during the month of Ramadan, Umm Ali is a must-try for those who have a sweet tooth and love trying out various sweet eateries.

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