Bungee Jumping in India for All the Thrill-Seekers

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Caution: Not for the faint-hearted

We all have an innate urge to try out at least one adventure sport activity in our life. What better than to try one on a vacation or in your very own city? If you are someone who isn’t afraid of heights and have always wished to fly in the air (literally!), then Bungee Jumping is the right activity for you. Here is a list of all the places in India where you can jump your fear:

1) Rishikesh

jumping heights Rishikesh

While talking about Bungee Jumping, it’s hard to leave this town out. Jumping Heights in Rishikesh gives you the perfect chance to take a holy dip in the Ganges and test your fear. Started by David Allardice, from New Zealand, most instructors and trainers are from New Zealand and help you thoroughly by giving you a solid pep talk. Once you’ve completed your jump, you are lowered into the river with a depth of 2ft of water. You also get a certificate from the organization stating that you’ve accomplished the jump, so don’t forget to collect one and show-off!

Location: Jumping Heights, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Height: 83 Meters

Minimum Age: 12 years

Weight: Min. 35kg – max. 110kg

Cost: Rs.3500 p.p.


2) Lonavla

Della Advneture Lonavla

Bungee Jumping in Lonavla is definitely less scary than one in Rishikesh, and is also easily accessible to people in from the West. The location is strategically located in between Mumbai and Pune, which makes it an easy commute. Along the scenic hills, one can hope to enjoy the view and face their fears, all at once. Much like Rishikesh, you get a Della Bungee Certificate to boast about once you complete your jump.

Location: Della Adventure Park, Lonavla, Maharashtra

Height: 45.7 Meters

Minimum Age: 10+ years

Weight: Min 35 kg

Cost: Rs.2500 p.p.


3) BangaloreAdventure sports in Bangalore

This one is for all those MNC and IT employees who are stuck working and don’t have enough time to escape. Well, your very own busy city offers you a great opportunity to feed yourself some exciting experience. Since, there isn’t a natural landscape for Bungee Jumping in Bangalore, the jumper is taken on an artificial platform supported by a crane. Nonetheless, this opportunity is sure to make you come back for more!

Location: Kanteevara Stadium, Bangalore, Karnataka

Height: 25 Meters

Minimum Age: 18-60 years of age

Weight: 35kg

Organizers: Ozone Adventurers, St. Marks road, Bangalore

Cost: Rs.400-Rs.500 p.p.


4) Delhi Adventure sports in Delhi

Delhiites are surely known for their daring and loud nature, and obvious so. If you remain true to the description of one, you’re sure to find the opportunity of Bungee Jumping in Delhi an absolute exhilarating experience. Whether you’re a college student or a young professional, you can now gear up and drive down to G.K.II and get your adventure tracks on.

Location: Wanderlust camps, G.K.II, New Delhi

Height: 40 Meters

Minimum Age: 14 years

Weight: 35 kg

Cost: Rs.1500 p.p.


5) Goa

Goa sure seems like a paradise for all beach lovers, but if your daunting self wants to make your retreat to this chilled out place even more memorable, a jump from a cliff is all you got to do. Relaxing at the Anjuna Beach is not new to most tourists in Goa, now you can try out Bungee Jumping on the same beach too, with an affordable price.

Location: Gravity Adventure Zone, Anjuna beach, Goa

Height: 25 Meters

Minimum Age: 14 years

Weight: 35kg

Cost: Rs.500 p.p.


6) Jagdalpur

We won’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of this place before, well for starters it is in Chattisgarh. It’s a small town with a mesmeric waterfall to boast about and small markets (haats) set up by the tribal people from the neighboring regions. The place is not a big town but is surrounded by nature. You can take a walk into the forest and experience the exhilaration of Bungee Jumping at the same time.

Location: Nomadier, Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh

Height: 30 Meters

Minimum Age: 14 years

Weight: 35 Kg

Cost: Rs.300 p.p.


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