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5 Underrated Tourist Destinations in South East Asia You Need to See

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Travelers have been exploring South East Asia for years so one might think there are hardly any untouched places to be found in the subcontinent. But a closer look will tell you that it’s much more than night clubs, bars, and popular beaches. There are still some places in South East Asia that lie undiscovered, hidden in plain sight as they are. Here are the top five spots you won’t often hear about but are absolutely worth visiting!

Koh Rong, CambodiaKo Arang

Koh Rong is the second-largest island in Cambodia; it lacks proper roads, transportation and enjoys only limited electricity at best. The lack of amenities, however, is made up by the abundant natural beauty of the island. An untouched land lost out in the sea, this island with its spectacular stretch of white sand is bound to leave you amazed. The Koh Rong beach is nothing short of stunning, set against the backdrop of a forest.

GoFro Tip: Go snorkeling or diving to see the stunning underwater coral reefs.

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Sumatra, IndonesiaSumatra sleeping volcano

The Sumatra island is simply flawless, away from the more commercial spots of Indonesia. You can enjoy quiet moments of solitude at several places on the island since most part of it is not frequented by tourists. Visit Lakes Toba and Meninjau for views of fresh, crystal clear waters right in the center of a volcanic crater.

GoFro Tip: With such few tourists, you can try getting a guesthouse all to yourself near Lake Toba.

Ko Adang, ThailandKo Adang

Thailand is undoubtedly famous for its lovely islands among travelers looking for relaxation by the beaches and Instagram-ready sunsets. Ko Adang, situated in the Tarutao National Marine Park, is however a well-kept secret. Its turquoise waters and white, sandy beaches are not famous with the average tourist and can make for the perfect getaway. Visit Ko Adang for a relaxed, laid back tour, exploring the rainforests and mountains if you like.

GoFro Tip: Visit the Pirate’s Falls waterfall hidden along the jungle trail.

Shodoshima, JapanShodoshima Angel road

Shodoshima, literally meaning “small bean island”, has a unique wildlife and island culture that attracts travelers each year. The highlight of the island remains Angel Road, a natural sandbar connecting three islands with Shodoshima and offering a spectacular view.

GoFro Tip: The Angel Road appears only 2 hours before and after the low tide so plan your outing accordingly.

An Bang Beach, VietnamAn Bang Beach

An Bang Beach enjoys a lovely atmosphere, and a string of bars and restaurants. Take a swim or relax in the sun during the day and head for a drink after sunset since the bars are open till late night.

GoFro Tip: This is the perfect place to catch some waves if you’re into surfing or wish to give it a try.

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So, start planning your next vacation and steer away from the beaten path with our collection of underrated South East Asian tourist destinations.


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